Laura Hinds

Laura Hinds

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Laura Hinds is a final year dental therapy student at the University of the Highlands and Islands, after starting her dental career as a dental nurse in 2012. With a passion for bodybuilding, Laura competed in her first bikini fitness competition in September 2018 with the UKBFF placing second in the Midlands, and qualifying for the British finals where she came top 10 in Britain. Having such an interest for sport as well as teeth, Laura decided to marry these and conduct a literature review on ‘Sports Drinks and their impact on dental health’.
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Sports drinks and their impact on dental health

Laura Hinds reviews the current research on sports drinks and their impact on oral health. Sports drinks are an increasingly popular way of rehydrating post workout, particularly within the last couple of decades, but do we truly know the true impact of these on dental health? Or, if there is any impact at all on … Continued

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