The magic of composites!

An overview of some new course content to follow from Dr Ash Soneji in collaboration with VOCO with a magical twist.

Why did you get into dentistry and what areas do you enjoy the most?

I was stuck for options for work experience and a family member sorted me up with a last minute placement. He is a well respected central London dentist. It just so happened that Formula One on Regent Street was on that week and the practice was conveniently located next to Trocadero, one of London’s biggest arcade. So to cut a long story short, I had a great work experience and left with a real buzz!

What new techniques have you come across and implemented into your day-to-day dentistry?

In the last five years I really changed the type of work I do. Working in a mixed practice to solely working in private practice has evolved naturally through upskilling the treatment modalities I am able to offer. Having invested the time in learning from experts within the field of aesthetic and restorative dentistry – both nationally and internationally – it has allowed me to create restorations for class 4 fractures to mimic nature using composite artistry. It has also meant I can offer my patients minimally invasive methods in removal of intrinsic brown and white lesions as well as digital planning to aid with placement of direct composite veneers.

Admira fusion 5 and Amaris are great materials to use in these clinical scenarios. I’ve adopted methods of restoring teeth using injectable techniques particularly in the management of toothwear, and discrepancies in tooth shape and form.

How has injection moulding changed the way you work?

It’s vastly changed my practice. It’s made me a much better communicator with my patients. Delivering digital smile designs and converting this to an intra oral mock up for the patient to visually see what the proposed result may be even prior to starting any treatment. So these mock-ups are essentially designed on software to the patient’s specification, 3D printed and a clear stent in fabricated through which resin composite is injected and cured through to create the perfect result.

GrandioSO Heavy Flow has really helped me with injection moulding. I was initially skeptical about using flowable composites for bigger toothwear cases as most have relatively low filler content. However, as the filler content in GrandioSO heavy is so high (83%) it gives me confidence in the product’s strength and I know can achieve great aesthetics.

Injection moulding is such a powerful and accurate tool in co-diagnosis and in my opinion is a game changer for modern dentistry! Making aesthetic and restorative dentistry more affordable for patients and reducing chair time and complex layering protocols for dental clinicians.

Composite bonding has become much more popular recently. Why do you think this is?

I think patients are more educated and mindful about the importance of preserving tooth structure. Not only does composite bonding provide that but it also often gives the patient a same day affordable solution and an instant transformation to their smile.

By moving from single shade composites to simplified layering techniques we can match the anterior restorations to the surrounding teething with incredible accuracy.

It’s also often the go to choice for dentist’s that want to aesthetically improve their teeth – so why not for our patients?

Do you have any interests outside of dentistry?

I love to travel, learn about new cultures and foods, spend time with the family and – put it like this – I have a few tricks up my sleeve. I am a close up card magician and have many close friends within the magic circle!

What are your plans for 2024?

Some really exciting projects planned! I am focusing heavily on education this year in collaboration with VOCO. Delivering highly engaging workshops for dentists and therapists on some of the cutting edge techniques in the delivery of anterior and posterior composite restorations.

It’s a really comprehensive course covering how I achieved the results in the cases in this article, with clinical scenario based teaching and all the tips and tricks you need to get predictable outcomes on your patients.

I’m also keeping it really entertaining where I will personally have a few tricks up my sleeve and have invited some friends from the magic circle to join us to entertain us during the post-course socials. So, watch this space for The Magic of Composites!

If you are interested in learning about Ash’s techniques and more about the VOCO materials featured, contact Claire on +447584 200138 or email [email protected].

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