The crucial role of persistence in customer follow-up

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This month, Lucie Simic discusses going the extra mile to connect with patients.

Just as was demonstrated when football manager Jurgen Klopp received a phone call from his dentist during a Liverpool FC press conference a few weeks back, one of the key elements in successful patient management is the art of persistence in customer follow-up.

In a world filled with distractions and busy schedules, it is imperative for dental practices to go the extra mile to connect with both new and existing patients.

Timing is everything

In the fast-paced world of dentistry, it’s crucial to recognise that patients won’t always be available to answer the phone or respond to a text message at the exact moment you reach out. This is where persistence comes into play. The dental team must understand that the initial contact may not yield immediate results. Regular follow-ups, whether through phone calls, emails or text messages, are necessary to ensure that patients receive the information they need and feel supported in their decision-making process.

Building trust through consistent communication

Persistent follow-up is not just about closing a sale; it’s about building a relationship built on trust and reliability. Patients are more likely to choose a dental practice that demonstrates a genuine interest in their wellbeing and consistently communicates with them. Regular follow-up calls or messages show patients that their dental health is a priority for the practice, fostering a sense of trust and confidence.

Navigating patient decision-making

In dentistry, decisions about treatment plans and procedures are often not made lightly. Patients may need time to consider their options, discuss with family members or assess their financial situation. Persistence in follow-up ensures that patients have the information they need to make informed decisions about their oral health. It also provides an opportunity for the dental team to address any concerns or questions the patient may have, guiding them through the decision-making process.

Persistence helps prevent missed opportunities

Patients are bombarded with information and communication from various sources daily. A single attempt to contact a patient may go unnoticed, making persistent follow-up essential to prevent missed opportunities. By staying engaged with patients through multiple touchpoints, dental practices increase the likelihood of reaching them at a time when they are receptive to the information being provided.

Building and maintaining a robust patient base is not just about delivering exceptional dentistry but, more importantly, about effective communication and follow-up as well as exceptional customer service. Persistence in customer follow-up is a critical factor that can set a practice apart.

By recognising the importance of consistent communication, trust-building and navigating patient decision-making, practices can ensure that they remain top-of-mind for both new and existing patients. Embracing persistence as a core principle in patient management will not only enhance the patient experience but also contribute to the overall success and sustainability of a dental practice.

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