VITA celebrates 100 years of pioneering innovations for perfect prosthetics

We hear how VITA Zahnfabrik has continuously blended craftsmanship and innovative technology to drive progress in dentistry since its foundation in 1924.

Through targeted research, pioneering evolutions and the highest quality standards, the company has significantly shaped the dental technology and dentistry sector. Safety in application, quality and customer-oriented products are at the core of all solutions.

Even better solutions for perfect dentures, in terms of function and aesthetics. That is VITA PERFECT MATCH and the pioneering claim of VITA. All around the world, dental technicians and dentists ensure the best possible care for their patients by relying on the innovative premium products and services of the family-owned company from Bad Säckingen.

Work and corporate culture

Reliability, diversity and open and honest interaction with one another are part and parcel of VITA’s DNA. Over 600 employees from more than 20 countries around the world work at VITA, demonstrating passion and reliability. The secret of VITA‘s success lies in its important pillars: VITA’s claim, qualified employees who are committed to the company and the consistent expansion of core competencies within the framework of clearly defined business areas. Another equally important aspect is strategic cooperation with selected partners with the goal of building strong networks.

Reaction to the advance of dentistry

More than 35 years ago, VITA began working closely with Sirona to develop digital CAD/CAM dentistry processes that enabled the scanning and milling of crowns, inlays and onlays. Although VITA focuses on the development of materials, the company was heavily involved in the entire digital workflow.

This allows VITA to provide suitable materials and prepare for upcoming breakthroughs, such as the use of 3D printed materials to produce dental restorations. Through a close partnership with leading companies, VITA has also developed software editions that are used in CAD/CAM programs to design teeth and prostheses for individual patient needs. This expertise in materials and denture design is integrated into digital workflows to achieve highly aesthetic results.

Customer utilisation of product solutions

The vision of VITA is to be closer to users than anyone else and to bring the PERFECT MATCH experience to life. Today, dentists and dental technicians in more than 150 countries

work with VITA‘s quality products and restoration solutions. Shade systems, CAD/CAM materials, press and veneering materials, as well as denture teeth and materials for the digital fabrication of dentures are offered through an international sales network that is very close to the customer.

Being close to the user also means sharing knowledge. VITA lives and breathes continuing education, and as a competent knowledge partner for dental laboratories and practices, offers comprehensive and customised professional education programs. Users, commercial customers and teaching institutions all enjoy access to a comprehensive program with top international speakers.

Vision for the next five to 10 years

VITA draws on its extensive expertise in material science and shade standards, as well as its understanding of restorative design. Regardless of future materials and workflows, VITA remains at the forefront of material breakthroughs and integrations by continuously working to improve material offerings and workflows.

By working closely with industrial partners, VITA is able to offer end users complete solutions. Collaboration with laboratory technicians and dentists is crucial to understand their needs and ensure they can work efficiently and productively to achieve the best results.

100th anniversary – what can customers look forward to?

VITA strives to be closer to users than anyone else and bring the VITA PERFECT MATCH into every area of the company. The centenary celebration encompasses a variety of activities, events and special educational formats, including 100 highlight courses worldwide and 100-minute webinars.

The VITA PERFECT MATCH experience will be part of the user, partner and employee experience throughout the anniversary year, bringing innovative prosthetics and user proximity to life. Operating under the motto ‘VITA PERFECT MATCH Experience’, the company looks forward to many more years of collaborative innovation and successful cooperation.

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