Expert dental decontamination advice and it’s all free for you

Laura Edgar, managing director of Aura, explains how and why the company goes beyond the provision of dental products.

In the world of dental care, success often hinges not only on the quality of products but also on the depth of knowledge shared within the industry. Aura Infection Control stands as a shining example of how the transfer of expert knowledge can elevate practices and organisations to new heights.

At the helm of this beacon of expertise is Laura Edgar, the managing director of Aura, who has spearheaded a culture of free, impartial and expert advice.

Laura Edgar emphasises that Aura isn’t merely a purveyor of dental products; it’s a fountain of guidance for dental practices striving to achieve excellence.

‘We don’t just sell dental products; we offer full, impartial, product-agnostic, expert advice. And it’s all free,’ she explains. The ethos is clear: practices need only reach out for help, and Aura is readily available to assist, making access to expert guidance as effortless as possible.

Patient and staff confidence

One of the innovative services introduced by Aura is the provision of free dental decontamination reviews. These thirty-minute online consultations offer dental professionals a platform to seek advice and ask questions.

Laura highlights the importance of such consultations, especially considering the complexity and interpretive nature of regulatory guidance. Through these reviews, practices can ensure the robustness of their compliance protocols, thereby enhancing both patient and staff confidence.

The reviews conducted by Aura cover various aspects, ranging from dental unit waterlines management to validation protocols and handpiece processing. Each review is tailored to the specific needs of the practice, providing a comprehensive assessment and personalized advice.

Notably, these reviews serve as a mark of quality, instilling confidence in patients and staff while facilitating continuous improvement within practices.

Unwavering decication

What distinguishes Aura’s expertise is not only their knowledge of dental decontamination products but also their deep understanding of protocols and best practices.

Laura Edgar’s commitment to spreading knowledge traces back to her mother, Jayne, a medical microbiologist who pioneered the dissemination of expert advice through Aura’s Compliance Club.

Jayne’s legacy lives on through Aura’s dedication to sharing knowledge. Despite the evolution from card indexes to online platforms, the essence of one-to-one expert advice remains intact.

Laura recalls her mother’s unwavering dedication to helping others, a principle that continues to drive Aura forward.

Aura’s mission transcends mere compliance; it’s about ensuring the safety of patients through the proper application of protocols supported by expert guidance. Laura Edgar emphasizes that having products on the shelf is only the beginning; true safety lies in their correct usage and integration into robust protocols.

In a dental landscape where success is measured not only by profitability but also by patient safety and regulatory compliance, Aura Infection Control shines as a beacon of knowledge and support.

Under Laura Edgar’s stewardship, Aura continues to uphold the legacy of expert advice initiated by her mother, ensuring that dental practices across the UK have access to the guidance they need to thrive.

As the dental sector evolves, one thing remains constant: the invaluable role of expert knowledge in fostering success and safeguarding patient wellbeing.

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