‘Huge positive implications’ – tobacco use declining worldwide

With tobacco use on the decline across the globe, we hear about the significant impact this will have on the dental industry.

A recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO) has found that tobacco use is declining globally, with one in five adults now consuming tobacco compared to one in three in 2000.

In addition, some 150 countries are successfully reducing tobacco use. As a result, WHO has urged countries to continue to implement tobacco control policies and fight against tobacco industry interference.

How does the decline in tobacco use impact the dental industry?

Zara Shirvani – dental hygienist

I think this is brilliant news! This decline in tobacco use has huge positive implications for oral health. Tobacco use is a major risk factor for various oral health problems, including gum disease, tooth decay, oral cancer, and bad breath.

By reducing tobacco use, individuals can significantly improve their oral health and reduce the risk of developing these oral health issues, leading to improved overall oral health on a global scale.

This will also help the economic impact within the dental industry and alleviate the burden on healthcare systems. By reducing tobacco use, we can expect to see a decrease in the prevalence of cancer, heart disease and respiratory conditions, resulting in healthier populations.

In conclusion, the decline in tobacco use is a positive trend with far reaching benefits. It improves oral health, public health, reduces healthcare costs, enhances productivity, and helps protect the environment. Encouraging further reductions in tobacco use should remain a priority for global health initiatives.

Lauren Lennon – dental therapist

The global decline in tobacco products is promising for dental professionals like myself. As someone who witnesses its impact on oral health regularly, these statistics offer hope for healthier smiles worldwide.

The reduction from one in three to one in five people using tobacco is a positive shift, aligning with our efforts to educate patients about the severe risks associated with smoking.

Talking to patients about oral health and smoking can be super challenging, but with the global awareness raised by organisations like the World Health Organization, these discussions become more impactful.

While this trend is positive, especially here in the UK, it’s crucial to keep in mind emerging products like e-cigarettes, especially in younger age groups. These substitutes have a potential impact on oral and general health.

As dental professionals, we need to be committed to supporting our patients in making informed choices for a tobacco-free and healthier future.

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