The sweet spot for AI and dental imaging technology

AI in dental imaging

Pearl introduces the benefits of diagnostic artificial intelligence (AI) imaging technology in dental practice.

Often it’s not what you can see but rather what you can’t see that matters. There’s hope for that scenario through the supportive relationship between artificial intelligence and dental imaging technology.

Consider such an innovation as a second opinion for your chairside diagnoses and treatment planning. That means your patient’s understanding related to their treatment plan is no longer limited to what appears obvious (or not) in their diagnostic X-rays.

With AI assisted imaging technology you can:

  • Highlight certain anomalies within patient images
  • Enhance patient communication around their images
  • Show alternatives that pinpoint areas of concern.

Speaking of a ‘second opinion’, Ophir Tanz, Pearl’s CEO and founder, reveals what the Pearl Second Opinion technology brings to X-ray analysis and related communication.

He said: ‘AI is a paradigm shifting technology that will add value across the entire healthcare continuum. Because X-rays are a regular part of every dental patient’s experience, the first place most will encounter the power of medical AI technology will be in their dentist’s chair.’ (Dentalreach, 2022)

AI is a ‘trained eye’

Artificial intelligence software is trained to identify the detailed features of your patient’s teeth, bone structure, and restorations. AI is further trained to identify dental pathologies.

For example, a certain degree of dental caries could elude you. AI data that has been gathered and scaled can be applied to that patient’s case creating a more thorough and precise diagnosis.

As artificial intelligence is trained on label ground truth image data, its diagnostic accuracy is enhanced.

Fundamental to AI’s relationship with imaging technology is its ability to understand, interpret and mark diagnostic images once trained to do so.

  • Reducing the amount of missed diagnoses
  • Improving diagnostic accuracy
  • Minimising errors in pathology detection
  • Enabling patients to understand and comprehend otherwise complex dental conditions.

The sweet-spot for AI and dental imaging technology

Spot-on detection capacity

Perspective is everything especially when reviewing your patient’s X-rays. It’s essential to be aware of every condition that’s revealed by them.

Dental anomalies can impact your patient’s health and lifestyle. The consequences could be severe especially for those that are systemic.

AI supported dental imaging technology has the capability to:

  • Detect most common dental pathologies found in dental X-rays
  • Reveal early-stage caries, endodontic and periodontal disease.

Consistent diagnostic outcomes

Familiarity or repetitive processes can often lead to inconsistencies within a diagnosis. Your patients rely on your ability to deliver accurate and consistent treatment outcomes.

AI captures real-time image data, analyses it, and provides you with accurate diagnostic results.

  • Experience more seamless clinical workflows
  • Engage with your patients around their X-rays while they are in the chair.

Simplified patient interaction and communication

What you see in a dental X-ray is likely clear to you but not so much to your patient. There are occasions where you would benefit from a more simplified image data-set.

  • AI can optimise your radiographs for improved viewability
  • AI adjusts the image for a more intuitive perspective on detection
  • AI simplifies the image data points to clarify what is essential to your diagnosis and how you present it to your patient so they understand their condition and treatment.

Artificial intelligence provides a second set of eyes on your patient pathology and the dental imaging that supports your diagnosis. Check out the following resources for more insight into the synergy between AI, dental imagery, and dentistry in general:

Leading AI and dental imaging technology are a vital duo for diagnostic accuracy and related-patient communication.



Pearl is a global dental AI leader assisting dentists across six continents with robust clinical pathology detection. Get acquainted with Pearl and our Second Opinion technology here.

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