Vacancies open for the Extreme Business 100 community

Business coach Chris Barrow is recruiting six new members for the Extreme Business 100 community for 2024.

Business coach Chris Barrow is recruiting six new members for the Extreme Business 100 community for 2024.

This is a well-established and bold coaching programme designed for dental business owners wishing to double both their earnings and goodwill value.

Members include businesses ranging in size from one principal with a chair and a nurse, to a 40-location micro-corporate.

The majority of The 100 clients are mid-range, family-owned businesses with an 80/20 private/NHS mix, three or four chairs per location, and with one to four locations.

The programme also welcomes start-ups, and current members include those who have started private squats in the last few years.

With members in every principality of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, it also includes specialist ortho, specialist referral centres, and businesses with an 80% NHS mix.

Supportive community

Chris said: ‘What [the members] have in common, no matter whether a start-up, an existing business that has plateaued, looking for expansion or a client preparing for sale in the next few years, is a desire to reach their full potential by embracing the very best ideas in dental business.

‘One of the greatest pleasures over the last two years has been to see how the community aspect of The 100 has formed and the extent to which they now help each other, with very active Whatsapp groups for both managers and owners.’

He added: ‘It’s a standing joke at our quarterly workshops that, when I ask, “Who thinks they are the odd one out – every other practice is the room is smashing it and they are getting left behind?”, most people raise their hands.

‘The reality is that The 100 community is made up of 100 “odd ones out” – humble owners who are driven to get better at what they do and realise that they need help in making the journey. (Yes, humble. No egos in the room).’

Chris has offered a free Zoom conversation for those who complete the no obligation registration details on the website to discuss your current situation and whether he can help you achieve your desired destination.

For more information and to join the Extreme Business 100, visit

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