The finance solution for dentistry with transparency at its core

Adam Sullivan, Humm’s head of sales for the UK and Ireland, explains how the finance provider is shaking up the FinTech industry in dentistry and healthcare.

In the realm of ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ (BNPL), Adam explains that it functions as a marketing tool, particularly popular for lower-end products like clothing and fast fashion items. What sets their company Humm apart is their versatility.

They offer financing options ranging from £1 to £30,000 , with terms spanning three to six years, and the choice of interest-bearing or interest-free plans. This comprehensive approach encompasses both the technological and financial aspects of BNPL, providing a more blended and customised experience for customers.

Addressing the integration of finance into dentistry, Humm emphasises a ‘finance-first’ approach that places the financial aspect front and centre allowing dental practices to focus on providing quality care rather than navigating complex financial matters. This approach helps alleviate pressure and stress for both front-of-house staff and customers, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience.

Balanced approach

Adam highlights two key principles that underpin Humm’s operations: communication and transparency. They maintain consistent communication with both end users and clinics, providing insights and data to foster growth and collaboration.

This approach has been well-received within the industry, with a particular focus on building trust through openness and a willingness to learn and improve.

In terms of what sets Humm apart as the go-to solution for dental practices, Adam emphasises the value it brings. By considering all aspects, including finance, product proposition, and regulatory compliance, Humm offers a comprehensive and balanced approach. They manage the financial aspect, provide valuable insights and keep costs as low as possible – all while maintaining clear and open communication with their partners.

Humm’s approach places a strong emphasis on providing value, ensuring a seamless and transparent experience for both dental professionals and their patients.

Through its unique blend of financial expertise and technology, Humm aims to revolutionise the way financing is integrated into the dental industry.

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