Expanding your practice: everyday paediatric dentistry made easy

paediatric dentistry made easy

King’s College London introduces its Expanding Your Practice: Everyday Paediatric Dentistry Made Easy workshop, focusing on a minimal intervention approach to paediatric dentistry.

In recent years, the field of paediatric dentistry has seen a surge of interest in minimal intervention dentistry (MID). LonDEC, King’s College London, as part of DentAlliance is proud to present an exclusive workshop designed to empower general dental practitioners with the knowledge and skills to elevate their practice in paediatric dentistry.

DentAlliance brings together four prestigious dental schools, each contributing their world-leading expertise to enrich professional practice in dentistry. Collectively, we offer a program that provides global insights into contemporary trends in clinical dentistry and future perspectives.

A new horizon in paediatric dentistry

Contemporary global trends in clinical dentistry and future perspectives is the focus of a CPD training program offered by LonDEC and DentAlliance. This program represents a unique collaboration between King’s College London’s Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences, and three other esteemed dental schools from the United States, Australia and Singapore.

Unveiling the program

This hands-on course is designed to help GDPs carry our improved paediatric dentistry. It features dynamic content, practical case studies, hands-on training and clinical insights from Mr Sanjeev Sood. He is an honorary consultant in paediatric dentistry at King’s College London.

Participants can expect to explore the latest trends and innovations in paediatric dentistry. They will also engage in topical discussions and participate in hands-on activity.

Empowering paediatric dentistry through MID

In recent years, minimal intervention dentistry (MID) has garnered significant interest within the realm of paediatric dentistry. As part of the workshop delegates will acquire essential techniques to facilitate a child’s preventive dental visit as early as one year of age.

Moreover, participants will be provided with an in-depth introduction to essential oral care techniques. This includes the application of silver diamine fluoride (SDF). Also, the placement of stainless steel crowns to manage caries in young children without the need for local anaesthesia.

In scenarios where local anaesthesia is necessary, Dr Sood will demonstrate the use of computer-assisted delivery, featuring The Wand single tooth anaesthesia machine. Additionally, delegates will gain valuable insights into behaviour management strategies aimed at minimising discomfort for both anxious children and adult patients.

Aims and objectives:

Young child’s 1st dental visit

Learn how to facilitate a young child’s first dental visit, including clinical tips on conducting examinations, performing caries risk assessments and providing anticipatory guidance.

Silver diamine fluoride

Gain an in-depth understanding of silver diamine fluoride, including indications and case selection, the clinical procedure, and patient counselling before the procedure.

Hall technique crown

Explore the biological basis of the Hall technique. Also, case selection criteria (indications and contraindications), clinical procedures and tips and tricks for fitting stainless-steel crowns.

Computer-assisted local anaesthesia delivery

Incorporate the use of computer-assisted local anaesthesia delivery into your everyday clinical practice.

Behaviour management strategies

Learn effective behaviour management strategies to safely prepare and deliver local anaesthesia to young children and anxious patients.

Tentative timetable

  • 08:30 – Registration
  • 09:00 – Introduction
  • 09:15 – Managing infant oral health: preparing for the dental visit at one year old
  • 10:15 – Silver diamine fluoride: indications and procedures
  • 11:15 – Hall technique crown: indications and procedures
  • 13:00 – Lunch
  • 14:00 – Painless local anaesthesia techniques (computer-assisted local anaesthesia delivery)
  • 15:45 – Q&A and closing remarks
  • An interactive learning experience.

This course represents an invaluable opportunity for GDPs to expand their scope of practice and elevate their capabilities. It will cover preventive care as early as a child’s first year, learning about silver diamine fluoride, the Hall technique crown and effective local anaesthesia delivery.

We invite you to participate on this course, invest in your professional development and make a significant impact on the oral health of your young patients.

Enrol today at www.londec.co.uk.

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