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Implant dentistry is becoming a larger part of everyday practice – Straumann discusses the benefits of the Medentika range.

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well – this adage applies to dentistry too. When every step of the treatment plan is completed to the highest possible standard, you will be rewarded with clinical success and happy patients.

Focus on details, from the environment you create in your practice to the products you use. Seek out tools, equipment and materials that support excellence, supplied by companies who share your passion for perfection.

Affordable precision in implant dentistry

Dental implants are a high demand, high value treatment. If you offer modern implant therapies, the products you choose should be selected with precision, safety, comfort and durability in mind. You will also prioritise ease of use and, especially if working in the aesthetic zone, products that deliver naturally beautiful results.

Components must ensure a great fit between the implant and abutment to minimise gaps and increase stability. An optimised fit can also reduce the likelihood of infection.

If an ideal position has not been achieved, an angled abutment may allow you to correct any issues. The components you use are crucial to good implant outcomes.

Medentika is a leading manufacturer of prosthetics with numerous connections that are compatible with all major implant systems.

The company was founded with a goal to offer dentists quality abutments at an affordable price. Nearly two decades on, its portfolio may have grown and developed, but its core ethos has never changed. Products are only added to the range after a development process that combines innovation, creativity and professional knowhow and market awareness.

Choose Medentika for its history of craftsmanship and industrial production. Also, for flexibility, reliability and access to supreme technology.

Multi platform – multi choice!

Medentika’s Multi Platform Systems (MPS) are versatile, and will integrate seamlessly into your protocols. Practical and simple, without compromising quality, you get the same prosthetic interface for all series.

Because the abutments are so easy to use, they can help to lower the risk of error and complications, and make for a more efficient and comfortable experience for the patient too. For added peace of mind, Medentika also offers its customers a guarantee of safety and stability.

MPS are the best way to balance cost, quality and convenience. Whether you are placing or restoring implants, multisystem abutments mean aesthetic and functional results can be accomplished, whatever implant system you’re working with.

The fantastic price:performance ratio that Medentika is committed to maintaining as part of its core brand values means all dentists can deliver top-quality work, and truly life changing results, to people who may have believed that dental implants were beyond their budget.


For all your implant cases

With implant dentistry now part of everyday practice, more dentists are trained to perform these therapies to replace missing teeth. The cases you may see will range from single tooth to complex full arch rehabilitations. Medentika will give you the components you need to transform every smile.

If you are presented with a challenging case, for example, its angulated screw channel (ASC) flex has impressive restorative accessibility, permitting angulation of up to 25º. For more straightforward scenarios, there are Medentika solutions that can be used with digital or conventional workflows – the choice is yours!

Reliable to exceed expectations

Exceptional dentistry is efficient, caring, safe, ethical, comfortable and stable. The result needs to look naturally beautiful too. There are a lot of boxes to tick and modern patients will expect you to tick them all! With Medentika, a Straumann Group company, exceed expectations to give patients the smiles they deserve. Working with products of such quality will elevate efficiency as well as the outcome.

Dental implant therapies are becoming the most popular option for anyone who needs to replace a missing tooth or teeth. When all elements of the treatment are accomplished with precision and stability in mind, the result will be functional and aesthetic and, with correct maintenance, last for many years.

Don’t be let down by any part of the treatment process. Discover the Medentika range today.

For more information, visit the website today:

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