Turning an ‘ugly duckling’ into a ‘swan’ – my practice transformation

Turning an 'ugly duckling' into a 'swan'

Satya Patel, practice principal at Strictly Dental Carlisle & Penrith, explains why technology and new surgery designs helps patient comfort.

In the design of any practice, there are certain elements that are absolutely fundamental.

And whilst the focus might be on creating a modern and appealing environment, the priority is usually given to ensuring patient comfort.

But practice owners who value their staff’s workplace happiness will often add optimum ergonomics and functionality to their ‘must have’ list as well.

Satya Patel is practice principal at Strictly Dental Carlisle & Penrith (Stricklandgate Dental Practice) in Cumbria.

His unwavering attention to detail, refined clinical expertise and boundless passion for creative smile design, serve as the driving forces behind his business. Together with his team, Satya has been delivering exceptional dentistry for over a decade, proudly serving as the owner and principal of ‘Strictly’ for the past 10 years. A thriving business, he continually strives to enhance the patient experience.

But he recognises his dedicated team of 20 plays a crucial role in helping him earn the trust and loyalty of the an impressive 10,000-plus patient base across both practices, which means he is fully committed to providing a workspace that caters to their needs, too.

Marriage of design and function

Strictly has been modernised to provide relaxed surroundings. Its five treatment rooms serve a mixture of private pay-as-you-go and pay-monthly patients. The practice also treats a small number of children via an NHS contract.

Satya has enjoyed a well-established career. He lectures on implant dentistry and mentors other aspiring dentists. Besides his regular patient base, he accepts referrals for RCT, implants and full-mouth reconstructions.

The marriage of design and function matters as much to him in his surroundings as in his clinical work. He explains: ‘I believe it’s important to keep up with technology and new surgery designs to ensure our patients have the most comfortable and relaxing experience in our practice.’

He is committed to ‘helping Cumbria smile with confidence’ – shown in his commitment to high-quality treatments and in his efforts to create an inviting and workable environment.

The opulent waiting area is complemented by sleek finishings, appealing as much to those working there as those who seek care from its environs.

Key focus

However, there remained one space that until recently needed addressing and this ‘ugly duckling’ was the hygiene room.

Unsurprisingly, the team of four dental hygienists and therapists are highly valued; their work key to successful long-term outcomes. Complex treatment requires investment in oral hygiene care and education, which is why the newly renovated hygiene room was a key focus.

The stunning renovation meets the high spec of the other surgeries.

‘When it came to design, our focus was to create an ergonomic, modern and clean working environment to give patients the best experience,’ he says.

His vision to deliver high quality dentistry is evident in the aesthetics throughout the practice – comfort a part of this approach. So the combination of modern technology and careful attention to detail has elegantly transformed this surgery.

Originally a cramped room, Satya worked closely with Simon Pearce from McKillop Dental and had a few designs in mind. He chose a different layout initially but, with much deliberation and the idea of installing an accessible Belmont Cleo II chair, settled on the current design.

‘It was Simon who gave us the idea for a chair with a folding leg rest,’ Satya says. ‘We needed to utilise the space effectively, so we decided on a Belmont chair to create more space when moving around the surgery. The chair fits perfectly with the sleek cabinetry and feature lighting.’

Satya Patel

Sleek and modern

The surgery might be suitably functional, but a ceiling light above the chair brings nature inside with bright floral imagery.

The blue Belmont chair adds a splash of colour to an otherwise clinical setting. Its folding leg-rest feature allows the hygienists to speak to the patient face to face. Its compact nature also fits well with the minimalist design of the practice, which means the chair meets the criteria for practicality and appearance.

The cabinets with gold handles and feature lighting showcase his eye for detail.

‘The surgery also features new cabinetry that provides ample storage space while maintaining a sleek and modern look. The feature lighting adds a touch of elegance to the space, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for patients,’ says Satya.

It’s always been the ugly duckling of the practice, Satya says, but it has now been magically turned into the swan of the site.

This latest renovation is a testament to a commitment to comfort. With a new hygiene suite incorporating the latest technology and equipment, Satya continues to raise the bar in providing a welcoming dental environment.

And finally, what tips does Satya have for colleagues considering a surgery refurbishment.

‘Plan, plan, plan, keep calm and focus on the end goal, take time with big decisions, remain flexible with your overall vision and make sure you choose the best company to work with.’

For more information visit www.belmontdental.co.uk.

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