The Secret Dentist – the only way to save the NHS?

the secret dentist discusses the ideal scenario for the future of NHS dentistry

‘When will we realise that nothing is going to happen without drastic action?’ asks The Secret Dentist.

Time to throw the baby out with the bathwater? Time to jump out of the frying pan into the fire?

Whatever we as a profession have tried for the last 20+ years has not worked to improve the business model of NHS dentistry.

When will we realise that nothing is going to happen without drastic action?

Time and time and time and time and time again we hear the same arguments from the British Dental Association (BDA) and the same responses from the government.

Every single dentist under the age of 45 needs to put pressure on anybody more senior than them who are still holding/delivering an NHS contract to hand it back and stop.

Every single associate who is delivering an NHS contract needs to inform their employer that they are intending to seek another associate position that doesn’t involve delivering NHS dentistry unless the owner moves to hand back their NHS contract.

Kill off the NHS

The only way to bring about the changes required in NHS dentistry is to first kill it off completely, so that it can then be reborn in a completely different format.

Many senior figures seem to have a deluded loyalty to the NHS system and cannot see the wood for the trees. They cannot see that by remaining in the system and engaging with the NHS, there will never be change.

They are as much the problem as the government.


The best way that we can all help those that need an NHS dental service is to kill off the current system and then create one suitable for them – not one that tries to deliver NHS dentistry for everybody.

Now can we get going and move on?

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