Why visit the International Dentistry Show (IDS)?

Why visit the International Dentistry Show (IDS)?

Why should you visit International Dentistry Show (IDS)? asks Kavo’s Sarah Tipping.

The International Dentistry Show (IDS) is the world’s foremost dental exhibition. But you probably know that already.

With a typical footfall of 150,000+ dental professionals from every region of the globe and more than 2,000 international companies exhibiting, it’s a show that takes place across four whole days, filling seven different halls, over 160,000 square metreage of space.

This year’s is the first IDS since the pandemic and 2023 also marks the event’s centennial year. So anticipation is perhaps even greater than ever. In other words, it’s big news in our world.

However, over here in the UK, popping over to Cologne for the IDS may not be as easy or as appealing as it once was.  Although your trip there is tax-deductable – and Cologne is a great city to extend your break in – even if you can’t go in person, here’s how the IDS can help you as a dentist and why it’s worth your interest and your time.

1. It’s a showcase all key aspects of modern dentistry: practice, laboratory; infection control, services/information/communication and organisation

So let’s break that down: essentially whoever you are and whatever your role in the dental industry at large, your interests will be catered to at the IDS.

Not only will you see the latest and greatest innovations in terms of dental treatment units and chair-side procedures, you’ll also see what’s being offered to your colleagues on the lab side, so you’ll get a sense of what to expect from them and vice-versa.

These key aspects of the market form the key concerns of the market at the moment – they’re a litmus test for what’s hot right now. So if it’s being covered at the IDS, you know it’s something that’s relevant to the whole of dentistry.

What’s more, if a product’s being shown at the IDS, you know it’s a product that will have some benefit to you. Manufacturers use the IDS to showcase their most innovative and technologically advanced products, as well as their most globally appealing existing products, so you’ll get an overview of all the current market trends.

You’ll also get to see these products in a purpose-built setting, presented in the best way possible, so that you can understand all their features and benefits and therefore get to see how the product can benefit you.

2. It will bring together the global dental community

A bit like a COP-Summit but for dentistry. Not only will you hear about the key concerns of contemporary dentistry, and see and feel all the new product innovations, you can also discuss them with your global colleagues.

You can gain insights into different markets and learn from those. For example, our own market is in a state of flux at the moment given the lack of funding in NHS dentistry and our market’s move towards more private work. Other markets, like Germany and Asia Pacific, have been working with those parameters for years.

What’s more, you’ll get a better feel for who the major players are in the global market, as opposed to your local market. The biggest hitters in the world will be the ones with the biggest stands and the largest presence. What they’ve got to show and say will be worth seeing and listening to because they’re likely to be the innovators who are looking to make your work better and easier.

There will be strategic partnerships in evidence too – notice who’s next door to who, and who’s promoting other brands and not just their own. For example, Kavo’s stand is adjacent to their sibling company, Planmeca.

As part of a recent partnership, Kavo will be featuring Melag products on their stand – and vice versa. Kavo have recognised that Melag are at the forefront of autoclaving and disinfection while Melag are endorsing Kavo handpieces as the gold standard.

Companies who work in collaboration with each other show that they’ve acknowledged that each one is the ‘best in class’ in their own category and they’re happy to endorse the other’s products on that basis.

3. It will show you the future

As mentioned before, manufacturers often plan their product launches and innovation around the IDS. This means you not only see what’s already trending in dentistry, but – perhaps more importantly – what’s coming next.

Plus you’ll hear it directly from the manufacturer in a bespoke setting, allowing for optimum understanding of the product or service on offer and why it’s important. This will help you get a handle on what’s worth investing in over the short, medium and long term, and why, to help you plan the ongoing success of your practice.

Susanne Vieweger, Kavo’s global director of marketing who is overseeing Kavo’s presence at this year’s IDS says: ‘At Kavo, we consider the IDS to be the preeminent showcase for global dentistry and we are delighted to be able to support it accordingly.

‘This year, we will have a 460 metre square stand, located in a prominent position in Hall 1 – which is 11 metres high – and we will be using it to connect with our global audience as well as to showcase and launch a wide range of exciting, innovative products.

‘Kavo stands for Dental Excellence – we use it as our tagline and have done for over 112 years, so it makes sense for us to have a strong presence at the world’s major dental exhibition.

‘It’s not all work-focused either – not only are we hosting meetings and product demonstrations on our stand, we will also be hosting a party – with Planmeca – on the Wednesday evening for the dental community to come together again and make the most of their time in Cologne.’

So how can you take advantage of all these benefits even if you’re not attending in person?

  • Sign up to the IDS website to receive news on who’s exhibiting and in what capacity. You can even sign up to IDS Connect which will give you access to digital content shared by the exhibitors
  • Keep an eye on social media – your usual news sources, like dentistry.co.uk, will be reporting from the show and any favoured manufacturers or brands will be promoting their presence, their products and any partnerships that you might like to be aware of. Kavo are on Instagram as @kavodentaleu and @kavo_uk.eire
  • Ask around – there’s bound to be someone in your contacts who’s going even if you’re not and they can give you feedback from the event. Asking as wide a range of people as possible will help give you a better view, so don’t just ask your friends, ask your supplier contacts – retailers and manufacturers alike.

Tell us:

Will you be going to the IDS in person?  What’s the primary reason for your trip?  If you’re not planning to attend, will you be paying attention to news coverage of the event? Let us know – we’d love to hear your thoughts! Email  [email protected].

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