The North of England Dentistry Show theatre overview

The North of England Dentistry Show kicks off in two months' time. Here are the theatres, speakers and topics you can explore.

With the North of England Dentistry Show kicking off in less than two months’ time, here we break down the different theatres, speakers and topics available for you to explore. 

The 2023 North of England Dentistry Show is making its way to Manchester Central on Saturday 11 March 2023.

This show will host 12 different lecture theatres – more than we’ve ever had before. Each theatre will host a variety of carefully selected topics and speakers, and CPD will be available for every single lecture.

We’re expecting 85+ speakers on the day across every area of dentistry, all discussing the latest topics in the profession.

Here’s a break down of all of the theatres, including a sneak peek of the lecture line-up. More will be announced closer to the time!

Business Hub – powered by Mydentist

The Dentistry Business Hub focuses on providing you with insights, advice and information on the business side of dentistry. Topics will include increasing profitability, exploring private practice and day-to-day insights to help you run the practice smoothly.

  • Bhavna Doshi – Creating a positive, high-performance team culture
  • Simon Gambold – Leading through adversity – sponsored by
  • Suki Singh – How to make a successful move from NHS to private dentistry – sponsored by Practice Plan
  • Jonathan Watson – Everything you need to know about buying and selling a dental practice in 2023 – sponsored by Christie & Co
  • Siobhan Keller – The science of positive health: ‘live your best life’.

Click here for the full list of confirmed lectures at this theatre.

Clinical Dentistry Theatre

The Clinical Dentistry Theatre will bring an array of lectures focusing on everyday clinical cases you can expect to come across in practice. Hone your skills, learn new techniques and listen to leading clinicians as they share their tips.

  • Bill Seddon – Rubber dam revisited: a simplified approach
  • Sharon Showker – An orthodontic restorative approach to smile makeovers
  • Rob Endicott – Reaching out to people: using sedation to improve your practice – sponsored by UK sedation
  • Massimo Giovarrusico – Save the unsavable: decision making with a minimally invasive approach – sponsored by UK sedation
  • Dan Shaffer – When clear aligners go wrong: tips and tricks for troubleshooting.

Click here for the full list of confirmed lectures at this theatre.

Laboratory Theatre

The Laboratory Theatre focuses on the needs and opportunities of dental technicians and other lab-based roles. Heavy-hitting specialist speakers will provide 20-minute power lectures which all include  CPD.

  • Nina Frketin – Think pink
  • Karl Jensen – Copy dentures made easy the 3shape way – sponsored by 3shape
  • Deepa Bharakhda – Private dentistry from a prosthetics perspective
  • Lola Welch – The power of conversion – all-on-X full arch immediate load.

Dental Nursing and Oral Health Theatre

Dental nurses play a huge role in the patient journey. That’s why the Dental Nursing and Oral Health Theatre will explore a range of empowering and informative lectures, including the potential of a dental nurse and the opportunities open to them.

  • Debra Worthington – BADN menopause policy – sponsored by BADN
  • Brittany Pittham – Not just a dental nurse!
  • Amber Williams – Exploring the access course to dental hygiene and dental therapy as a dental nurse – sponsored by SBDN
  • Emilia Forreseter – Say ‘yes’ to opportunities – sponsored by Thurmaston Dental Practice
  • Charlotte Astley – Are you used to your full potential?

Enhanced CPD Theatre – powered by the Dentistry Club

While all lectures at the North of England Dentistry Show are CPD-certified, this theatre is dedicated to enhanced CPD, with GDC recommended CPD topics including complaints handling, safeguarding and legal issues.

  • Sarah Ide – Dealing with complaints: how to avoid and resolve them if they occur – sponsored by the Dental Defence Union
  • Andrew Gulson – The Dental Guidance Notes, second edition – sponsored by UK Health Security Agency
  • Preetee Hylton – Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • John Grant – Are associates really self-employed or are they simply workers? – sponsored by Acuity Law
  • Gary Monaghan – Indemnity versus insurance: what do you need to know? – sponsored by All Med Pro and Professional Dental Indemnity

Implant and Digital Theatre – powered by the IDDA

With a theatre dedicated to the latest and most important topics in implant and digital dentistry, these lectures are not to be missed.

Here you will explore topics such as implant-related systems, equipment and training, as well as the latest digital innovations, workflows and the business side of digital dentistry.

  • Alif Moosajee – Enhancing patient communications with digital workflows – sponsored by Oakdale Dental
  • Charlie Laity – Intelligent scanning: how TRIOS Scanassist can accelerate your digital journey – sponsored by 3shape
  • Claire McCarthy – Supportive implant therapy: lights, camera, action! – sponsored by Kings College London
  • Dr Veroniqe Sauret Jackson – CBCT: a whole team process from referral to interpretation – sponsored by Cavendish Imaging
  • Richard Horwitz – Peri-implantitis: identification, management and prevention.

Click here for the full list of confirmed lectures at this theatre.

Facial Aesthetics Theatre – powered by Relife

The Facial Aesthetics Theatre brings a greater focus on cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic treatments with talks to improve your in-practice offerings.

This theatre will bring the biggest names in cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry to deliver lectures that will inspire the entire dental team.

  • MJ Rowland-Warmann – The complications that scare the pros – sponsored by Smilesworks Hub
  • Ian Hallam MBE – The full face of dentistry: facial aesthetics in general practice – sponsored by Meon Dental and Meon Face.

Avant Garde Theatre

This theatre will introduce the same day smiles concept.

It will focus on leveraging cutting-edge digital dentistry to improve the standards and predictability for smile makeovers.

Fully digital, fully guided solutions simplified into a workflow offering optimal patient, dentist and lab communication combined with easy patient education and customisation towards their dream smile in the least invasive ways possible.

  • Emily Roscoe – The Avant Garde injection and mould technique: a dental therapist’s perspective
  • Jameel Gardee – Introducing fully guided, fully digital dentistry
  • Milad Shadrooh – Marketing masterclass
  • Robbie Hughes – Introducing Smile Architect: the perfect Invisalign restorative interface
  • Robbie Hughes – Same day smile: case discussions.

Click here for the full list of confirmed lectures at this theatre.

Smile Dental Academy Theatre

The Smile Dental Academy Theatre will showcase a wide variety of leading lectures aimed at dentists, dental therapists, dental hygienists, specialists, and the wider dental team.

Smile Dental Academy has brought together the very best in lecturers from the UK and will be giving away amazing prizes and promotions throughout the day.

  • Profesor Riaz Yar – Occlusion evolution
  • Dr Neha Patel – Endodontic masterclass
  • Dr Ali Chohan – Masterclass in communication
  • Lauren Long – Dental therapy
  • Nicola Gore and Raabiha Mann – Dentistry in a nutshell (DIAN).

Click here for the full list of confirmed lectures at this theatre.

 Restorative Theatre – powered by Trycare

Powered by Trycare, your local northern dental partner, the Restorative Theatre will feature exciting and informative power presentations to enable every member of your practice team to be more effective and profitable.

It will also feature top tips on a wide range of procedures and innovative products.

  • Tony Gavin – Proud to be independent
  • Marian Fanica – Atraumatic tissue management before impression and cementation
  • Marian Fanica – Safe and predictable prevention in all ages
  • Ross Walker – A new approach to oral hygiene that affects patient outcomes.

Tipton Training Theatre

In this theatre, Tipton Training Academy will show and describe how new digital dentistry techniques can be incorporated into your existing dental practice to not only save money and time but also to enhance the patient experience.

It will highlight ways to understand, improve and be more profitable with restorative dentistry techniques, occlusion, occlusal splint therapy, TMD, smile design and aesthetic dentistry.

We will also introduce our disruptive new partnership with digital laboratory Swift Dental Lab, showing how dentists can get Tipton Training Education and the latest digital scanners at no cost.

  • Adam Toft – Avoiding failures for the GDP using digital occlusion
  • Jasmine Piran – Facially driven smile design and treatment planning
  • Sam Hainsworth – Digital scanners: making an impression in restorative dentistry
  • Wahab Shakir – The role of digital dentistry in occlusal splint therapy.

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