What everyone is saying about the Aligner Growth Coaching programme by Dr Bhavin Bhatt!

Discover how you can enjoy growth in your income and work-life balance with the help of this programme, says Dr Bhavin Bhatt.

Growth is something that we all want and yearn for in our lives, whether it is professional or personal growth. A growth coaching programme that not only helps you professionally but will change the way you see your business, and begin to understand the impact your daily habits and choices affect the way you do dentistry.

In the current environment where uncertainty and economic climate dictates fear, and unpredictability, we believe this is the right time to invest in yourself, your team and your business to see incredible growth as have our clients and delegates so far.

Our Aligner Growth Coaching programme helps you:

  • Understand how to use head, heart and hands within your practice of dentistry and see how the improvements you will make personally will boost your professional practice.
  • Learn and implement systems, protocols and digital workflows to allow you and your team to scale your aligner numbers.

  • Gain the clinical confidence to assess and finish cases smartly using our tips and tricks to increase your revenue and reduce your risk.

Over the past years, we have worked with not only practice owners but also associates that have found our training invaluable to their clinical dentistry, understanding the business of dentistry and learning how communication is an integral part of the consultation process.

Most of our clients and delegates have seen and witnessed exponential growth – not only their income but also in their work-life balance. They are happier and more excited about dentistry than they were before.

Here are a few amazing success stories we would like to share and what they say about Growth Coaching with DrBhavin Bhatt

Sneha Shah – associate at mixed practice in North London

Being an associate at a mixed practice means she should be efficient with her schedule. Hence, she decided to go to Growth Coaching to see what she could do to increase her Aligner cases with less effort and time. Of course, the program turned out very helpful for her.

‘Hi. My name is Sneha. I am an associate at work at St Albans. I took Bhav’s course because I started Invisalign, but I wanted to push my numbers. So, ever since I took the course, my uptake has doubled and even tripled.

‘I could say I am so much more confident. It changed my mindset. It changed the way I work. It changed the way I am practicing. So there is still a lot more to learn.

‘Because of the accountability group and network that Bav has created, I was able to find my dream job where I can see myself doing and enjoying the dentistry I love!’

Victor Chow – new principal at a private practice

Working as a new principal dentist at a private practice is quite challenging. Hoping to excel in his career, Victor decided to join Growth Coaching at Aligner Alchemy. The course did a terrific job of improving not only his practice but also his mindset.

‘Hi, I am Victor. I am a principal dentist based in the north west. I’ve been to Bhav’s course. It’s been absolutely amazing. It’s been really really good. It was particularly a great time to give me a positive mindset so that I can overcome the challenges we’re facing.

‘We now have a plan going forward and I have implemented many of the systems he teaches on the course.’

Elaine Howarth – principal at a private practice

It has always been her true passion to become a dentist. However, working at a private practice at capacity means she has no time to waste. She took Growth Coaching from Aligner Alchemy to find ways to be a more efficient and effective principal dentist and enjoy what she loves doing.

‘I am Elaine, and I did Bhav’s course, and I think the course is fantastic, and it really ignites my passion for running my practice and helped me fall in love with dentistry again.’

Andrew Lyons – young NHS associate

With an excellent career ahead of him, Andrew is eager to keep making improvements. He took the course with Dr Bhav to grow his quality, both as a person in general and as a professional NHS associate. After finishing Growth Coaching, Andrew found himself even more confident than he used to be.

‘Hi, I am Andrew Lyons. I am on Bhav’s course at the moment. It’s been a game changer for me, in terms of my personal and professional growth. It gives me so much more confidence doing my Invisalign work.’

Zunaira Sufi – principal dentist and busy mum to a toddler

Loving her recent experience of motherhood, juggling family life and running a practice, this does not hold Zunaira back from being a stellar principal dentist. She took Growth Coaching to better her performance and career.

Yet surprisingly, the course from Aligner Alchemy has improved her significantly, even in her personal life.

‘Hi, I am Zunaira. I work in a practice in East London. I’ve learned a lot from Bhavin from his business model and his experience. And as for Invisalign, I have increased the number of cases I have been converting.

‘It is also amazing how my personality is growing, including how I am with my family and children. So, yeah, coming to Bhav’s course has been life-changing for me.’

We are the only coaching programme that offers accountability groups, network support groups and online portal making access easy, effective and innovative solutions to busy principals and associates who want to be successful in all fields of life.

Will you be the next success story?

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