Editor’s view – how to experience the ‘dental buzz’

Sebastian Evans celebrates some of the positives in the profession that bring a dental 'buzz', as too often we focus on what's going wrong.

Sebastian Evans celebrates some of the positives in the profession that bring a dental ‘buzz’, as too often we focus on what’s going wrong.

With all the negative headlines currently surrounding dentistry, it’s easy to start feeling pessimistic about the future of the profession.

And the threat of a global recession as well as a (entertaining) game of political musical chairs, it’s easy to see why many dental professionals are looking to jump ship and move to a less stressful, better paid and seemingly easier occupation.

There’s a saying in media that good news writes white – suggesting good news isn’t valued (or read) enough to make it onto the pages of newspapers or magazines.

We at Dentistry are certainly guilty of this from time to time. But it’s clear from reader numbers that the more attention grabbing and negative the headline, the more attention it’ll receive.

It’s not all bad

However, I’d like to draw attention to the positivity in the profession that should probably receive a little more focus. Patients, more so than ever, appreciate the importance of the dental team.

With NHS appointments so hard to come by, many are instead opting to go private for treatments. This, alongside the ‘Zoom boom’, has driven private and cosmetic dentistry to heights that many practices have taken advantage of.

It’s true, with the cost of living crisis hanging over us, those figures might start to plateau or slightly drop. However, as Maaz Sadiq puts it in his article – if patients want the treatment, they’ll find the money for it.

Attend dental events

Recently, I have attended a few dental events such as the J&J press briefing, a new academy launch and the recent Dentistry Show London exhibition.

Coming away from these events has really helped to create a feeling of optimism. The attendees were all very driven, energetic and had new ideas/innovations to help the profession. But it’s only by attending these events and networking that I got to experience that ‘dental buzz’.

Dental media is certainly the best, easiest and most up to date way to find out the latest news, innovations and goings on within the dental sphere.

But if you’re starting to feel a little pessimistic about the future of the profession, or you’re wondering where your place is in it, personally I think you could do a lot worse than heading out to some of the numerous dental events that are happening up and down the country.

FMC is certainly doing its bit with a range of regional events. And we’re also trying to bring the profession closer by creating a community we’re calling The Dentistry Club.

Just speaking to like-minded clinicians could be enough to lift your mood if you’re feeling down. But speaking with those that inspire us in the profession can really help inject some positivity and optimism about the future of dentistry.

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