Primeprint: introducing the medical grade 3D printer made for dentistry

Primeprint: introducing the medical grade 3D printer made for dentistry

If you’re looking to expand your practice and offer an exceptional patient experience, 3D printing is the key. 

An area that’s growing exponentially, 3D printing in dentistry is less a thing of tomorrow, and more a technology to be embraced today to keep up with moving trends.

There are many 3D printers on the market, and they all have different features and benefits. Yet Dentsply Sirona’s Primeprint is a medical grade 3D printer made exclusively for use within dental clinics and laboratories.

With features and workflows specifically designed around the challenges dentistry presents, it is fast becoming the dental 3D printer of choice.

Next generation design

With a highly automated design, Primeprint offers a unique end-to-end printing system for dentists and dental technicians. Contrast this to other 3D printers that are not dentistry-specific, and the benefits are clear. These include:

  • A design specifically for medical applications, allowing dental professionals to expand service offerings and reduce handling time and manual work
  • Enhanced safety based on medical device compliance
  • Hardware and software customised around dental applications across the printing process, right through to post-processing
  • Ability to print with a biocompatible dentistry system for highly accurate results
  • An open, collaborative platform for dental practices and labs.

Why post-processing matters

One of the notable features of Primeprint is its rigorous post-processing capabilities. Vital for producing medical devices, the post-processing unit (or PPU) of Primeprint promotes a supremely streamlined workflow, with no other supporting equipment required.

Enhancing productivity through an automatic PPU, it removes the mess, automating the convoluted manual processes of washing, curing and other steps needed with most 3D printers, that requires a lab setup to manage.

As simple as boiling a kettle, printed objects are moved in a jug from printer to PPU. This takes care of the entire post-processing procedure automatically.

Smart and integrated

Currently offering 10 different digital workflows, all built around dentistry needs, Primeprint has the digital manufacturing options to meet patient demand. Through these workflows, it puts the control into the hands of dental practices, allowing for an expansion of treatment offerings.

The digital workflows cover different classes, including creating splints, surgery guides and working models, with more digital workflows to come, and regular software updates.

As it integrates with dentistry-specific cloud storage and sharing platform, Dentsply Sirona’s DS Core, it connects all of Dentsply Sirona’s digital equipment and software, bringing everything together for a compatible workflow that minimises any risk of inaccuracies.

Discover more about how Primeprint can help expand your practice by watching Dentsply Sirona’s new Innovations In Digital Dentistry webinar. Recorded on 27 October 2022, it showcases the latest innovations from Dentsply Sirona in the field of digital dentistry.

This includes Primeprint’s end-to-end automated 3D printing, their brand-new DS Core cloud solution, and Primescan Connect, Dentsply Sirona’s latest intraoral scanning solution.

Watch on-demand EXCLUSIVE LAUNCH: Discover new innovations in digital dentistry with Dentsply Sirona – Dentistry

Find out more about Primeprint at Primeprint | Dental 3D Printer | Dentsply Sirona UK

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