Here’s how leveraging data can drive optimal clinical workflows

Here’s how leveraging data can drive optimal clinical workflows

The world is more digital, more virtual and AI is on the rise. In the dental world, professionals can fully access their practice’s potential by making use of all of the data this digital world has to offer.

To truly grow in clinical knowledge, practices need data to refine the treatment process for patients. Opening access to new insights enables practices to welcome optimised clinical workflows for daily operations.

That’s where Dental Monitoring’s intelligent solutions fit in. They were designed to promote enhanced care, practice growth and an improved patient experience.

The DM Intelligent Platform, which includes a number of solutions such as remote monitoring and AI-based automation, offers a unified open workflow for the entire patient journey, encouraging lifelong patient engagement.

The newest addition to this platform is DM Insights, a hub with essential practice data enabling much-needed access to clinical insights.

Room for growth

If your goal is expanding the services provided or increasing the number of patients, streamlining processes to make room for that growth is essential.

DM Insights is a one-stop platform tracking all of the elements needed to better manage day-to-day operations: practice activity, clinical data, patient compliance, lead engagement and a unique benchmarking option to com- pare practice analytics with other practices and market trends.

Imagine the implications. Practice activity data enables doctors to see pain points in operational efficiency. With clinical data, doctors and staff can measure and improve the quality of treatment.

Top-performing practice

Access to numbers on patient compliance can drive patient communication efforts. And with lead engagement data, practices can gain new information on how to best attract new patients.

Not only do these insights unlock a new level of clinical understanding. But they also help practices enhance the quality of care and grow at the same time.

To be a top-performing practice, taking advantage of data is key.

Seeing the numbers behind crucial components of patient treatment plans will usher in a complete breakthrough for clinical operations. With DM Insights, you can get an inside look into your practice and turn data into actionable insights.

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