Celebrate the evolution of dentures with Ivoclar

Celebrate the evolution of dentures with Ivoclar

Since dentures first became available on the NHS over 70 years ago, we have witnessed some significant advancements to help meet the increasing demands of predictability, accuracy, patient quality of life and most recently the increasing demand for private high-end removable dentures.  

The history of dentures continues to live on as this October 21 – 22, Ivoclar will be holding a two-day ‘Masters of Removable Prosthetics’ event at the De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham.

Dedicated to celebrating over a quarter of a century of denture innovation with BPS (biofunctional prosthetic system), delegates will be taken on a journey of the evolution of the system, right from its roots with the original Gnathomat, to the introduction of the BPS workflow, Dr Jiro Abe’S SEMCD (Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture) technique and most recently the Ivotion Digital Denture System.

Meet the private denture demand

As dentistry emerged from Covid, the profession experienced an increase in demand from patients turning to private dentistry to access a wider range of treatments bespoke to their needs, including high quality, comfortable, aesthetic and functional dentures.

Consequently, many dentists, CDTs and dental technicians are seeking ways to upskill to meet this new demand. When it comes to private removable denture options, this can present a new challenge as upskilling requires time to learn new techniques and become proficient enough to use them confidently and successfully.

CDT and speaker at the event, Paul McNally, is testament that re-evaluating your business model can work wonders for your denture solutions.

‘Once you realise there is a client base ready and waiting to be serviced by the private high-end denture market, then the BPS workflow has a place in your business. Having the freedom to offer more treatment options, better quality materials, increased predictability, and ultimately greater patient satisfaction with BPS high-end dentures has potential to quadruple your business’ denture profitability.’

Create a predictable denture workflow

Your denture workflow should run like a well-oiled machine, with every part working together perfectly. The BPS protocol gives you the foundation to do that. A systematic clinical and technical workflow of tried and tested techniques, developed from many years of practice and combined with the most innovative materials and equipment to create the most stable, functional, and highly aesthetic dentures.

Speaking alongside Paul McNally at the ‘Masters of Removable Prosthetics’ event is Dental Technician, József Rátonyi, where together they will discuss their combined journey and the evolution of the BPS workflow and SEMCD technique.

‘BPS helps remove the complexity of complete removable prosthodontics by providing a systematic, patient-centric approach that offers complete ease-of-use and unsurpassed predictability across both the clinical and technical workflow. For the patient this gives them reassurance we’re using the safest means to achieve maximum functionality and aesthetics, with high-end materials.’

Learn from the denture experts

The Ivoclar Masters of Removable Prosthetics’ event is the ideal place to achieve this alongside a leading panel of clinical and technical removable experts.

Collectively, they will demonstrate the importance of teamwork and how the system has provided clinicians and technicians around the world with a systematic workflow that allows them to work alongside each other to provide premium dentures that meet the increasing demands of our patients.

Expect an engaging and immersive agenda, from showcasing some of the research and development which went into creating the BPS system and how it is still relevant today, to discussing the evolution of Dr Jiro Abe’s Suction denture (SEMCD), and even how one CDT has brought digital dentures into a high fashion shopping centre.

Raise the bar in dentures this October

Being able to provide premium denture solutions can set you apart from the competition when it comes to meeting private denture demand. Attending the ‘Masters of Removable Prosthetics BPS event this October, will enable you to learn more about the system, discover how to become a trained BPS denture clinician and even find a certified BPS laboratory to partner with when striving for complete accuracy and predictability in your denture offering.

Whether you are part of a team looking to enhance your removable prosthetic offering, or are already a BPS enthusiast, this two-day event promises to be full of incredibly useful information, tips and tricks, as well as real life advanced applications from those who use the system daily.

To book your place on the Ivoclar ‘Masters of Removable Prosthetics’ two-day event in Nottingham this October click here. Tickets for the two-day and evening event are available for £295+ vat per person.

Hotel accommodation can also be booked for one night at £72+vat.

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