Prettau Skin – ultra-thin veneers made of Prettau zirconia

Prettau Skin

Zirkonzahn introduce Prettau Skin, ultra-thin veneers made of Prettau zirconia.

Non-prep veneers are the newest solution that will change the way we think about dentistry. Using a new technique, it is now possible to realise ultra-thin zirconia veneers (Prettau Skin) with a thickness of only 0.2 mm.

In this way, patients can get a healthy smile with zero to minimal impairment of tooth substance. The new technique is suitable for the aesthetic correction of tooth discolourations, tooth gaps, crooked teeth, cone teeth and abraded teeth.

The entire Prettau line by Zirkonzahn can be used to manufacture Prettau Skin, however, Prettau Dispersive zirconia is particularly suitable, as it is already provided with a natural colour gradient from dentine to enamel during the manufacturing process.

Through patient-specific preparation guides, the dental technician can mark the tooth areas to be prepared by the dentists for veneers application. This is a useful planning and communication tool between dental technician and dentist, for the final benefit of the patient.

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