Supporting the Clinical Dentistry Awards

Francois Loiseau, Dentsply Sirona’s vice president and general manager for UK and Ireland, explains why his company wanted to support the Young Dentist categories at the Clinical Dentistry Awards. He also tells us more about the ways in which his company is boosting the careers of the younger members of the dental profession. 

Why did Dentsply Sirona decide to sponsor the Young Dentist categories at the Clinical Dentistry Awards?

Dentsply Sirona has a long history of helping the younger generation of dentists through our active work with universities across the UK and Ireland through our education initiatives. We want to continue to deliver the best and the latest teaching and dental technologies.

At Dentsply Sirona we are passionate about helping and supporting the education of young dental professionals, by providing them with the latest and best technology and equipment. We have commercial partnerships where by universities are able to access products at a discounted rate for the benefit of their students. We’re also involved in placing scanners across many of these institutions.

Dentsply Sirona has a dedicated team based in Bensheim Germany, which works to offer clinical solutions to educational institutions. We are one of the only dental companies in the world that can do this.

Why do you think awards schemes such as the Clinical Dentistry Awards are important to the profession?

These awards schemes are essential – even more so after the long-lasting Covid pandemic. It’s provides a great platform for all professionals to effectively network with the best in the industry. It also encourages the promotion of clinical excellence, pushing the profession to provide their very best work, facilitating the collaboration of ideas, allowing public recognition for one another’s achievement‘s and finally helping to share best practices.

The word clinical speaks so well to us. It’s what we do and is deeply embedded in Dentsply Sirona’s DNA as a business.

What other ways does Dentsply Sirona support newer members of the profession?

Dentistry is evolving fast in this digital era, the new generation of dentists are embracing all new technologies for better clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Dentsply Sirona is at the forefront of these new technologies and is helping lead this change. Together, with each other’s expertise, we can deliver better dentistry.

As the largest dental manufacturer in the world, we have clinically proven digital solutions which help to support all members in our profession. From our Dentsply Sirona Academy in Weybridge, Surrey, we deliver educational courses across different dental specialities for all different levels of expertise – from beginner upwards. We are able to support those looking to develop their skills in scanning, digital dentistry and many other key areas.

The Academy is where we can showcase not just our products, but also our knowledge across all areas of dentistry. The showroom hosts all our products, which are available for visitors to try out,  and the clinical suite allows us to host in depth courses, while also being available for other organisations to host their own courses and events.

We also partner with and assist external organisations and communities in providing educational opportunities within the profession – it’s not just about Dentsply Sirona as a commercial company, being in a position to give continued help and support to the wider dental community is very important us.

Finally, we also offer targeted promotions, during these challenging times, particularly for the new generation of dentists starting out. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call, or alternatively get in touch with your local DS clinical expert to find out more or visit us at

What are the key innovations / product areas for Dentsply Sirona in 2022/23?

We are focusing on expanding our digital offering to the profession and continue to launch solutions which will help all professionals to offer their patients better dentistry.

Primeprint, the latest medical-grade 3D printing system is debuting this year in the UK. Our Suresmile clear aligners are able to deliver healthier smiles reliably.

We have a brand new software platform called DS Core which launched in May 2022. This so far has had an amazing reaction from those in the industry. On the consumables side we also have Cerec Tessera, a new glass ceramic block which is able to offer incredible strength.

And there is much more to come in the next few months – so don’t forget to follow Dentsply Sirona on social media for the latest news!

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Which clinical skills do you think will be most important for young dentists over the next two to three years?

In this age of fast-moving digital dentistry, scanning and diagnostics are proving essential for clinical excellence, and these are already some of the most important skills to have. Dentistry is changing fast and by embracing digital solutions young professionals will be able to deliver healthier smiles.

The technology is also able to open up huge efficiencies and advancement in all areas of dentistry and local practices will be able to develop clinically by offering improved patient outcomes. But also financially – by being more efficient and making it easier to keep track of costs associated with treatments.

Dentsply Sirona on supporting the Clinical Dentistry Awards

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