Your complete patient review journey with Doctify

Doctify explains why patient reviews are so important and how its platform can ensure visibility across multiple review platforms.

If a patient Googled you right now, would your online presence instil them with confidence?

Online reviews play an important role in building trust with prospective new patients. Research shows that 90% of patients read reviews online before determining who to turn to. Not only that, 85% of patients only trust reviews that are less than three months old.

At Doctify, we provide dentists and dental practices with access to the most advanced multifunctional feedback solution.

Through our technology, you have the ability to automate your review collection and publish your feedback online across multiple platforms, without any operational burden.

That way, you can continually strengthen your online reputation. As well as validate your expertise to potential new patients. All without the need to invest additional time and resources.

Doctify – the most advanced multifunctional feedback solution

Doctify’s multifunctional feedback solution makes collecting and publishing reviews simple and straightforward.

Send regular patient feedback requests with no operational impact

We set you up so that every one of your patients can leave feedback. Automate feedback requests so they are sent over email or text message. We can also supply you with in-house feedback devices. This way patients can leave feedback at the very end of their appointments.

When a patient leaves you feedback, they have the option to review you on the different metrics that we find are important to patients looking to find a dental practice or professional.

Customise your feedback surveys to get the right insights

Through Doctify, you can easily customise your feedback surveys in order to ask your patients questions pertinent to you and your practice.

You may also want to gather information for your governing body. We have ready-made templates for CQC, PHIN and NHS questionnaires.

Easily monitor patients’ responses to custom questions through your Doctify dashboard. Easily export this data to allow for easy analysis.

Tag reviews with the patient’s treatment or procedure

Doctify treatment tags are a world-first. It is a feature that we are incredibly proud of, that has proven to be incredibly valuable to every dental practice and professional that we work with.

When a person leaves feedback, they tag the review to the treatment or procedure that they had. This then appears on their published review.

When prospective new patients then look at your professional Doctify profile, they can filter your reviews by these tags. This allows them to focus on feedback that is entirely relevant to the treatment or procedure that they need. It helps them to recognise your expertise in that particular area.

Publish patient feedback across multiple platforms from the same source of collection

Along with reviews published on your professional Doctify profile, the feedback that you collect through us can also be published on your website, Google, NHS websites and across other feedback platforms.

This extends your visibility across platforms, without any additional work needed from you.

It also ensures that wherever prospective new patients see you, they have confidence in the care that you are able to provide.

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