MPC Pay from Software of Excellence: associate payments made simple

MPC PayPayments to associate dental practitioners are time-consuming, tedious and are often open to dispute. Mypractice Cloud Pay (MPC Pay) from Software of Excellence, is a new paperless and user-friendly solution. It simplifies this process and enhances forecasting for both the practice and individual growth.

UDA’s, private work, deductions, lab costs, pensions and more all need calculating by your admin team on a regular basis. With the number of tasks already on their to-do list, this time-consuming task is bound to widen the margin of human error. It could trigger potential disputes with your associate dentists.

Elevating efficiency with MPC Pay allows your staff to instead focus on more of what matters – patient care. Whilst the software takes care of the complexities of associate payments in the background:

  1. Create multiple pay periods for your practice
  2. The MPC Pay integration within Exact automatically registers whether the patient pays the practice and allocates payments for the pay period
  3. This generates a statement to both the practice and to the dental associate for review (with the option to send it alongside their KPIs).


Using MPC Pay to introduce this greater level of transparency throughout your business will aid professional relationships and establish confidence in fair pay and internal workflows. All factors now more important than ever as we experience a shortage in associates, post lockdown.

Streamlining this process means, whilst maintaining control of how you report on, communicate and schedule these payments. You have the additional functionality to:

  • Track each associate’s revenue and adjust future pay periods
  • Review discussions and agreements with associates regarding their statements in their own profile/comment section
  • Upload a CSV to the bank for payment
  • Make adjustments based on additional income, deductions and unique payment terms
  • Effortlessly generate reporting based on overall gross profit, profit per chair, historical analysis and much more!

…you can be sure that you’re running your practice in a way that works for you and your team.

Taking ownership

Not only does MPC Pay benefit the workflows within your practice, but it lends a great deal of advantages directly to your associates also.

Integrating seamlessly with Dentist Portal, a tool that helps associates to track, trace and forecast their individual KPIs on the go means that when used alongside MPC Pay, dentists are better informed of their contribution to the practice. And therefore can take greater ownership of discussions surrounding it.

Find out how you can start letting your software do the hard work for you today with MPC Pay. Talk to the Software of Excellence team today on 01634 266 800.

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