Dr Robbie Hughes – why the 3shape Trios revolutionised my practice

Dentistry caught up with Dr Robbie Hughes to discuss his practice’s digital transformation and how it has revolutionised his workflow. 

In this seven minute video, we hear from Robbie Hughes, owner of Dental Excellence, about the simplicity of moving from analogue to digital dentistry.

He explains the ease of integrating Trios into his workflow and the endless opportunities it opened up.

‘I think any dental practices that don’t yet have intraoral scanners, the best advice is to adopt the technology as quickly and as smoothly as possible,’ he says.

‘It is a big expense at the start. But I think the general population of patients now are starting to expect digital in dental practices.

‘The patient journey has certainly improved, the communication has improved and the predictability of our workflows have definitely improved.’

Huge impact

He answers a number of key questions including:

  1. How easy was it to integrate Trios into your practice?
  2. What’s your favourite feature of Trios?
  3. What advice would you give to a practice that doesn’t have an intraoral scanner?
  4. Which workflows do you use for Trios?
  5. What is the return on investment for your practice by going digital?
  6. Have you seen an increase in patient conversion?
  7. What are the benefits to the patients?
  8. What training would you recommend on Trios?

‘We don’t look as the investment in digital as how much money we are going to save on impressions or materials by doing intraoral scans,’ he adds.

‘I think the ROI is much bigger. The impact that has on motivating your team and patients, communicating with your patients and the predictability and quality of what you can provide – that as an overall ROI for your business is incomparable.

‘The implementation of digital and Trios into our dental practice has, without a doubt, increased the conversion of patients at consultation.’

For more information on digital workflows, products and services contact DD at [email protected]

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