Align Technology expands third party integration of Itero intraoral scanner

itero integrationAlign Technology is announcing a new function enabling the seamless integration of the Itero intraoral scanner with Systems for Dentists (SfD).

Systems for Dentists is a practice management software system from the third-largest dental software company in the UK.

SfD’s software system facilitates the management of appointment booking, medical history records, patient details, clinical notes, periodontal charting and also allows for integration with third-party software.

Adam Vernon, SfD operations manager commented that SfD welcomed phase one of the co-operation with Align Technology. ‘We believe that the interoperability of data and communication streamlines the patient journey, removes duplication, reduces clinical efforts in administration, and allows clinicians to therefore spend far more time focusing on patients and their treatment needs.

‘I am excited that anyone who already has an Itero scanner, or purchases one in the future, will now have access to SfD and be able to benefit from the software integration straight away. All without any additional charge.

‘The data captured by Itero scanners can be fully utilised now, using our practice management software.’

Commitment to supporting dentists

Following the integration with SfD, Itero scanner operators can create scanned patient records using the software.

Itero users will also benefit from improved connectivity and the facility for automated upload of intraoral images to improve traceability and reduce human error.

Itero scanner operators can also directly access via SfD, without separate logins.

Mawlid Chaoui, Align Technology senior director Itero, EMEA commented: ‘We value what SfD adds to our offering.

‘We believe this new collaboration will benefit the doctors who use Itero intraoral scanners. It will gear them up for greater efficiency, improving their digital workflows. And ultimately help provide greater potential for practice growth.

‘This relationship demonstrates our commitment to third party integration. As well as supporting doctors and expanding the scope of our service we can offer.’

SfD offers test conversions free of charge. And it also arranges training to facilitate the migration to the system for Itero intraoral scanner users.

More information is available from

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