What is the best enhanced CPD for dentists and dental nurses?

man carrying out CPD for dentists and dental nursesAccess enhanced CPD for dentists and dental nurses, Aura Infection Control explains why its courses are receiving rave reviews.

The best enhanced CPD for dentists and dental nurses is hard to find. There are so many options available. And it is difficult to choose the right course from the right provider.

In 2018, when the GDC announced that it was making CPD enhanced, many training organisations and courses struggled to comply.

The minimum number of hours required over a five-year period for all dental practitioners is as follows:

  • Dentists – 100 hours
  • Therapists, hygienists, orthodontic therapists, clinical dental technicians – 75 hours
  • Dental nurses, dental technicians – 50 hours.

All ECPD learning is associated with specific learning outcomes to qualify.

Just as important, practitioners need to reflect on their learning.

Enhanced CPD for dentists and dental nurses

The coronavirus pandemic is making the world look at things differently. Infection control is at the top of all dental agendas. Keeping patients and staff safe has never been so important.

One of the most popular ECPD subjects is infection control (GDC learning outcome C).

But not all CPD for dentists and dental nurses is the same.

Whilst it is possible to access ‘tickbox’ courses, these go against the spirit of the GDC directive. When dental professionals spend so long and invest so much time and effort into their careers, they know the value of effective ‘live’ learning.

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of infection control products, services and training, Aura Infection Control, stepped up to the mark.

Experts in its field, it has already developed the innovative ILM level 3 leadership and management in dental decontamination – the UK’s foremost decontamination lead course.

Aura Infection Control is in an ideal position to design highly informed infection control ECPD courses. Its engaging ECPD courses are therefore some of the best in the industry. With dentists, dental nurses and other practitioners leaving rave reviews.

‘Just do it’

Manjit Gill of the Smile Practice, in Didcot signed up for a dental unit waterline management and legionella ECPD training course. She said: ‘Aura has a well-deserved national reputation for professionalism, and I therefore wanted to learn from the best.

‘The courses explain things in a clear and logical manner. Obviously, due to the pandemic, we weren’t able to have face-to-face training. But that didn’t pose a problem when the teaching is so clear and the support materials so good.

‘Everyone felt able to learn at their own pace and all our questions were also answered in a timely fashion.’

Final advice from Manjit: ‘Just do it.’

We would also recommend taking a look at Aura’s other infection control ECPD courses. Ranging from handpiece maintenance and processing to clinical infection control.

If you want some free advice on the correct course for you and your team, please contact Laura Edgar on 01833 630393, email [email protected] or visit www.aiconline.co.uk/training-courses.

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