The latest product news from 3M

Here we round up all the latest dental product news from 3M.

The new way to bond


Adding brackets with adhesive is time consuming. Although the process works – why not take it to the next level and choose a more predictable, faster solution?

With the APC Flash-Free Adhesive Coated Appliance System from 3M Oral Care, you can revolutionise your bonding with ease.

The most advanced APC appliance system on the market, this option works so well because the non-woven mat base adheres directly to the tooth enamel for a strong, reliable bond that eliminates the need for flash removal.

This also means no lumps of adhesive that can gather bacteria or become less aesthetic over time!

To find out more, please contact the team at 3M today.

For more information, call 0845 873 4066 or visit

A simple system and excellent support


Erika Spyer, dentist at Smile Solutions in London, recently trialled the new Scotchbond Universal Plus Adhesive from 3M Oral Care. About the product she says: ‘Scotchbond Universal Plus Adhesive is really easy to use, simple and quick.

‘It is a simplified system that removes the need to use several bottles, ensuring a smooth workflow. The bond strength is also really good. I have never had a problem with any generation of Scotchbond Adhesives from 3M.

‘Furthermore, I have always received excellent customer service from the 3M Oral Care team.’

For more information, call 08705 360 036 or visit

3M and Scotchbond are trademarks of the 3M company.

Handling, durability and aesthetics

3MGrania O’Connell, principal of Cork Dental Care, comments on the Filtek Supreme XTE Universal Restorative from 3M Oral Care: ‘I have been using 3M products since 2006. And I’ve stocked them since opening my own practice in 2009.

‘I use a range of solutions, including the 3M Filtek Supreme XTE Universal Restorative, which I use for both posterior and anterior restorations.

‘I like the way that it handles and find that it has just the right viscosity for my needs.

‘When I see patients again who have restorations with Filtek Supreme XTE Universal Restorative, they rarely exhibit fractures or chipping.

‘The range of shades also makes it possible to achieve great aesthetics. And the material is translucent enough to use a single layer that polishes really well.

‘I prefer the capsule delivery system. This way I can easily deliver the material more directly and in the exact quantity that I desire.

‘Both my practice manager and I have a great relationship with our local 3M representative, who we meet with regularly. We could not praise him more highly.

‘If only all of our suppliers could have employees like him, our lives would be made so much easier!’

For more information, call 08705 360 036 or visit

3M representatives continue to be available via video calling technologies for your convenience.

Finish faster with Ketac

Are you looking for a fast, dependable restorative solution?

Look no further than Ketac Universal Aplicap Glass Ionomer Restorative from 3M Oral Care.

Ketac Universal Aplicap Glass Ionomer Restorative helps practitioners to achieve speedy results because it is a self-cure, one-step placement solution.

Plus, as there’s no need for steps such as conditioning, coating or light-curing, you can streamline your restorative procedures.* Add in the fact that Ketac Universal Aplicap Glass Ionomer Restorative from 3M is easy to place and sculpt and continually releases fluoride for up to two years after placement* and you can see why it will soon become a star product within your workflow.

Find out more today.

For more information, call 08705 360 036 or visit

3M and Ketac are trademarks of the 3M company.

*3M internal data

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