Private Dentistry’s 25th anniversary

Private Dentistry

Julian English talks about the plans for the next issue of Private Dentistry magazine, which will celebrate the silver jubilee anniversary of the publication.

It is not every day that you celebrate a silver jubilee anniversary. But the UK’s foremost publication for private dentistry is 25 years old in January.

At the time of its launch, the word ‘private’ was too elitist and was synonymous with overpriced dentistry. So FMC called the publication Independent Dentistry.

But as the sector and title grew and private became the buzzword, we changed the name to what it is today – Private Dentistry.

January’s issue is a milestone for the publishing company FMC. Therefore, to mark this occasion, we are working on what we want to be the biggest and best read issue of Private Dentistry in a long time.

Private Dentistry 25th anniversary

The January issue is, of course, packed with our regular features as well as a special section to mark the passing of 25 years.

Regular features include up-to-date news/news analysis, clinical material, business and also practice life articles. And of course there is a big feature on the winners of the Private Dentistry Awards.

In addition to the regular materials, we will also include 25 interviews with 25 top private dentists. Those contributing so far include:

  • Digital dentistry guru – Adam Nulty
  • PD award winner – Angela Auluck
  • Renowned private dentist – Ash Parmar
  • Implant dentist – Bill Schaefer
  • Award-winning dentist – Eimear Keenan
  • BAPD founder – Jason Smithson
  • Award-winning dentist – Guy Laffan
  • Endodontics guru – Julian Webber
  • Private Dentistry regulars – Rahul Doshi
  • Young dentist – Simon Chard
  • Periodontist – Reena Wadia
  • And many more.

And we are also carrying a super series titled 25 years of…

  • 25 years of private news
  • 25 years of private growth
  • 25 years of the Private Dentistry awards
  • 25 years of corporate dentistry
  • 25 years of accountancy and the changes
  • 25 years of dental school contribution to private dentistry
  • 25 years of business management
  • 25 years of payment plans
  • 25 years of dental nursing
  • Next 25 years of business.

We are proud and delighted that Private Dentistry has reached this milestone. While celebrations are appropriately muted due to the current circumstances, we are planning this special edition of Private Dentistry with the theme of 25 years and expect it will be very well read.

So please keep an eye out for the January issue of Private Dentistry magazine.

You can view the latest issue of Private Dentistry magazine here.

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