Five ways to optimise the teeth whitening boom

With the demand for teeth whitening booming, Optident have come up with five simple ways to keep up with the patient demand.

During lockdown more people have been using video calls to communicate with each other, according to a recent article. Seeing reflections of themselves has boosted demand for improving smiles, mainly in tooth whitening and composite veneers.

Dubbed the whitening boom, this increase in enquiries follows patients saving up money to boost their smiles whilst not going out.

Here are five tips on how to optimise the tooth whitening boom!

1. Patient communication

How are you communicating with your patients?

Dental practices around the world are adjusting how they communicate with their patients following the coronavirus outbreak.

Whilst emails, phone calls and text messages are still effective methods of communication; video conferencing is allowing practices to stay personally connected, via virtual consultations.

Using a secure video conferencing platform such a Medpod (which is specifically designed for the delivery of care), you can discuss patients needs and required treatments for tooth whitening virtually. Conducting both initial consultations and after care appointments.

2. Utilise marketing materials

How do you market your whitening services?

Whilst a poster in the practice is a good place to start, there are a whole host of ways you can market your whitening services to patients.

If you want to use whitening as a tool to grow your practice, you need to get patients excited about the possibilities of a whiter, brighter smile.

Maximise your chances of success and promote your whitening services with the following resources:

  • Brochures, adverts and posters
  • Social media and blog content
  • Website information
  • Patient literature
  • Point of sale displays
  • Pull up banners
  • Waiting room videos.

There are plenty of free tools available to help with marketing your practice. White Dental Beauty provides a free practice pack to help you drive whitening patients to your practice with online resources. Download it today by clicking here.

3. Conversation starters

Is your patient in need of restorative work soon? Remind them that restorations cannot be made lighter. So if they have been considering whitening, it’s best to do so before their dental work.

Whitening goes hand in hand with clear aligner treatments. If you haven’t already, suggest whitening for that extra bright smile!

There are many ways to effortlessly bring up whitening with your patients. Listen for the opportunities!

4. Waiting room questionnaires

Have patients complete a brief questionnaire while they are waiting for their appointments. Remember, you could also send this questionnaire in a digital format if you are conducting video consultations.

Include questions such as: what is the reason for your appointment? Do you have any concerns you’d like to speak to your dentist about? Are there any treatments you’d like more information on?

If patients express interest in whitening, you can present your practice’s options during their hygiene appointments.

5. Stay competitive!

With so many whitening options on the market it is hard to stay competitive and find a product that is hassle free, with no compromise on quality.

For this reason, White Dental Beauty has created the Labline WDB Bundle. This allows you to get your whitening kit and the custom upper and lower trays for just £55 with no VAT to pay.

This simple service means that whitening is quick and easy. High quality trays are also critical to achieving good results. With the Labline Bundle they are delivered to you within just seven days of receipt to your delivery address.

This quick turnaround is an ideal tool to optimise the teeth whitening boom; meaning that in a short period of time you can then hand across luxury to the patient with custom trays, tooth whitening and a free tray case.

To order your Labline Bundle today call Optident on 01943 605050. To learn more about how the Labline Bundle works click here for more information.

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