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Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days…

Suffering with an eating disorder – one dentist’s experience

rob chaffe after recovering from an eating disorder

How many people working in the dental profession suffer with an eating disorder? Clinicians are trained to look for the signs and symptoms, but do we ever stop to reflect on the profession itself? This week dentist Robert Chaffe bravely came forward to give us his story about suffering with anorexia. With the demands from what can be a very stressful profession and the extra toll COVID has played, we shouldn’t forget to concentrate on taking care of ourselves. Only when dentists and dental professionals are well can they look after their patients.

COVID-19 rate among dentists less than 1%

Less than 1% of dentists were found to be COVID-19 positive, according to a new report

Speaking of which, a first-of-its-kind analysis found that less than 1% of dentists are COVID-19 positive. This is down to exceptional cross infection control procedures and the profession taking this threat seriously. This is proof, if it were needed, that dentistry can keep running, despite the government placing restrictions on everything else around it.

Will UK dental labs survive the COVID pandemic?

Dental labs

This week we spoke to Matt Everatt from S4S about the plight of dental labs. Often the forgotten team member, many dental labs around the UK are struggling to survive with some even questioning whether dental labs will continue in the UK following the pandemic. In the interview, Matt discusses what dental labs need to do, including scrapping an ‘NHS price list’.

Patient who stalked dentist with crossbow found outside practice

Dental team members who tested positive for COVID-19 are being called upon to put themselves forward in a bid to quash the virus

Following Ian Hutchinson’s story about a patient stalking him for four years with chloroform and a crossbow, the same patient was arrested outside the practice this week. An officer spotted Baddeley in disguise cycling near the practice before arresting him. Baddeley’s return to the surgery only gives credit to Ian’s argument that more needs to be done to protect victims of stalking.

Thousands back calls for next GDC chair to be dental professional

Thousands within dentistry are calling on the General Dental Council (GDC) to make its next chair a dental professional

Calls to have a dentist as the chair of the GDC have reignited recently. The BAPD has written to the dental regulator after Bill Moyes announced he would step down next year. The GDC’s relationship with the profession it regulates has always been fraught during Bill Moyes’ tenure as chair. There have been ups and downs in recent years. But one way to at least start repairing that trust is by having a wet-fingered dentist at the helm.

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