Dentaway: a radically better dental hiring platform

There are plenty of dental recruitment websites to publish dental jobs or to find dental professionals. Why another one? Dentaway explains what it does differently.

Well, Dentaway is not a dental jobs website but an end to end, very specialised dental recruitment platform. You have all the tools integrated into one, unified dental platform.

Dentaway is the dental recruitment platform to manage dental candidates, jobs, payments, interviews and hiring – in less time and with less effort.

We make dental hiring modern, simple and fun – a platform that fits any practice size.

A few things you should know

Dentaway is completely free.

  1. Dentaway is a dental recruitment platform built by dental professionals for dental professionals. It was built specifically with simplicity and automation in mind
  2. The entire platform is specifically designed to save time for the whole dental recruitment cycle: from validating dental compliance, managing and interacting with candidates, team collaboration to auto-invoicing and payments for dental locum jobs
  3. As a dental professional, you don’t have to actively look for a new job to sign up. You should sign up anyway. Once onboard, great, recommended opportunities will come straight to you. Don’t look out for dental jobs. Let the jobs come to you.

We make dental hiring modern, simple and fun. Here👇is how.

Manage dental candidates like a pro

Dental recruitment is time consuming and distracts you from providing that awesome patient experience.

This does not only apply to small dental practices but also to large corporations. If you have dedicated resource for dental recruitment, that’s awesome. But even so, there are many mundane tasks that the team has to go through. We simplify a lot of that.

Manage all dental candidates with the Applicant Tracking System
Manage all dental candidates with the Applicant Tracking System

On Dentaway you:

  1. Always receive job applications from dental professionals who are compliant with current regulations. You can check all that within clicks
  2. Get an automatic shortlist of candidates to help you focus efforts on candidates likely to be hired. Ignore it, if you prefer another way
  3. Keep track of every dental candidate with the Applicant Tracking System. You can rank, star, tag, add team notes, view profiles, chat and hire – all from one place
  4. Chat directly with the candidates inside the app. Get straight to the job specifics and hire fast.

All of the above 👆, out of the box. You don’t pay an extra penny. 

Collaborate as a team

It takes a whole team to do a successful dental hire.

That’s why we built a team collaboration space for your entire practice or organisation. You can easily collaborate as a team on Dentaway. Invite all your colleagues to manage dental jobs, templates, candidates, invoices and payments – all in one place.

Invite the whole dental team to manage jobs and candidates
Invite the whole dental team to manage jobs and candidates

On Dentaway you:

  1. Can invite as many team members as you like. You define their access rights. Want a second opinion on a dental candidate? Add them as a ‘viewer’. Want someone to pay locum invoices? Give them admin access
  2. Save time with job templates to make your hiring campaign more efficient. When you hire for multiple roles, you can use the team job templates to save time for your dental job requirements
  3. Keep track of all locum and date specific jobs with the Team Calendar. All jobs will appear on the calendar view by their status to help you see when the recruitment needs are for.

Pay like a boss

Need a dental locum? Are you fed up of searching for invoices and doing manual payments? Want to avoid back and forth lengthy communication?

We’ve been there and created a seamless dental locum experience on Dentaway. It’s plug and play – that’s why we built Dentaway.

Receive and pay locum invoices within clicks with dentaway
Receive and pay locum invoices within clicks

On Dentaway you:

  1. Get in-app invoices straight away. You click, open and pay. That’s it
  2. Manage all your invoices and payments in one place. You can easily check what’s done and what’s pending
  3. Can pay online in seconds: pull your credit card and pay candidates instantly. It’s never been easier
  4. Get instant notifications on invoice and payment status.

Hire dental staff completely free. Try Dentaway now.

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