The benefits of speed increasers – more hygienic and safer

BA International explains how its speed increasers could help reduce aerosol spatter in dental practices.

With infection control becoming a popular topic at the moment, along with AGP (aerosol generating procedures), clinicians are asking more questions on how to reduce aerosol spatter. And therefore reduce risk of virus particle transmission in the surgery.

Handpieces generate a visible spray. This contains large particle droplets of water, saliva, blood, microorganisms and other debris. This spatter travels a short distance and settles out quickly. Landing on nearby surfaces such as the floor, operatory surfaces or the patient.

Compatible electric motors

In order to reduce aerosol spatter, consider using an electric motor with contra-angles. These generate less aerosols than high-speed turbines. They generally benefit from internal anti-retraction systems.

If you don’t have the benefits of an electric motor, a solution may be a ‘plug and play’ electric micromotor, which connects directly to your delivery system. BA International’s Ultimate EM420 is an example of such a motor.

There are a range of handpieces compatible with electric motors. BA offers, among others, red band contra-angles, which are perfectly suited to the micromotor. Bundle deals with the motor and one red band contra-angle (BA200LTS or BA250LT) are also available.

Other benefits of using electric contra-angles include a higher efficiency at cutting various materials. Including machinable glass ceramic and silver amalgam, a smaller head diameter, which allows for greater visibility of the treatment area, and a quieter operating noise, which is more comfortable for the patient.

For more information on BA’s products or services, please contact the team on 01604 777700 or email [email protected].

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