Dentalex – for effective dental aerosol extraction

DentalexPurex International Ltd has launched its newest unit the Dentalex, designed for dental aerosol extraction.

As the world tries to come to terms with COVID-19, the dental profession is acutely at risk due to many processes requiring close attention to the oral area. We most commonly spread viruses such as COVID-19 through coughing and sneezing. Dental processes such as aerosol sprays amplify the risk of contamination. Dental practices can use the Dentalex unit in conjunction with other PPE methods and offers an extra layer of protection. It lessens the dependence upon the mask as the last line of airborne defence.

Unit specifications

The Dentalex unit comes complete with a rigid multi-position arm, allowing for easy adjustment. This means clinicians can easily use the arm in an oral healthcare environment. It includes a remote stop start foot switch for ease of use and an industrial caster for ease of mobility.

Also fitted to Dentelex Purex unit is a gas sensor. This sensor is constantly measuring the exhaust air from the unit and an audible and visual alarm will sound if it is not filtering gases. For example if the activated carbon is saturated and a new filter is required.

Filtration method

The unit provides three-stage filtration to effectively filter out particles such as viruses and gases from dental aerosol spray.

For years Hepa filtration is proven as an effective solution for filtering viruses, during a study from the CDC. Mead et al (2012) confirm that Hepa filtration ‘provides better real-time source protection from infectious aerosol than from an N95 respirator’.

Click here for more information on the effectiveness of Hepa filtration against viruses.

For more information on the Dentelex, please contact us on

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