Getting in contact with your inner core

In his fourth seminar, Dr Bashar Al-Naher will show you how to get in contact with your inner core. He explains the benefits of doing so, and some of the barriers you may experience.

In a time of turmoil and uncertainty it is reassuring that he reminds us no external factor can ever help us achieve the true contentment of inner peace.

Accessing your inner core is possible if you peel away the ‘conditioned mind’ that acts as a smokescreen. All of us have a conditioned mind, which has evolved over years. Whilst we can’t change our conditioned mind, we can put it aside. This will then allow us to reach a blissful state of ‘pure consciousness’, or what some refer to as mindfulness.

Once you’ve achieved this state, you will want to do so again. The freedom of knowing that you no longer need to achieve something to feel a sense of fulfilment is enlightening. You will emerge stronger, calmer, motivated and more in control as a result. These qualities will also help you navigate your team through the difficulties brought about by the current pandemic.

Learning objectives

  1. To give you the tools needed to access your inner core
  2. Understand how the conditioned mind acts as a barrier
  3. To teach you how to reach a state of pure consciousness
  4. Explain the advantages of achieving this state.

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to Bashar Al-Naher please email [email protected].

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