Accepting the present moment

In his second webinar, Dr Bashar Al-Naher, explores the impact of beliefs on our mental wellbeing.

Dr Bashar explains that throughout our lives our experiences expose us to thoughts, which have varying degrees of strengths. The strongest and most powerful of which are our beliefs. Beliefs can be both empowering, but also destructive. We usually acquire them unconsciously and they impact how we feel about things and also the way we respond.

Dr Bashar advises us to select an empowering belief, which we can define as one that best serves you, and then fully assimilate that belief. He uses the example of his most empowering belief – to unconditionally accept the present moment, and your inability to influence it. You can then deal with it more calmly.

You can instil a powerful belief in your psyche by going over and over this message. Repetition will then lead to affirmation. Only then, once empowering beliefs are wholly assimilated, will you be able to reap the rewards, which will leave you feeling content, positive and in control.

Learning objectives

  1. Understanding how beliefs impact mental resilience and our behaviour
  2. Learning how to unconditionally accept the present moment
  3. Knowing that repetition will aid affirmation and will positively impact your life.

If you would like to contact Dr Bashar with any questions or if you would like the audio of the webinar please email [email protected].

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