How to keep the conversation going with your patients

In this video, Chris Barrow explains why practices will want to keep the conversation going with patients in preparation for the lockdown to end.

Keeping the conversation going

During his Extreme Business Regeneration Programme, Chris asks practices:

  • Will the lockdown come to an end?
  • Will your dental business return to work?
  • And will people still need dentists?

The answer quite clearly to all the above questions is yes. Chris continues by asking:

  • Why will patients still want to see a dentist?

He believes people will still attend the dentist for themselves or their children to have clean, straight, white teeth.

The driver behind this is because when the country returns to work, they will attend all the major events that are currently on hold. Every time people attend these events their pictures will be taken, making them conscious of their smiles. Chris believes practices will want to prepare for these patients now.

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