Secret strategies for success in an nhs world

Dental receptionistAshley Latter offers some suggestions of business strategies which can help you prosper in an nhs world.

Whether you like it or not, the NHS is changing, tendering for new contracts, increased competition and if you win a contract having to do more for less. It will be survival of the fittest.

From the crossroads, there are two choices. Path one, stay as we are and hope for the best. (Hope and prayer have never been great business strategies), or path two which is the path where you embrace the up to date marketing and sales strategies and be pro-active, so that you can secure your future and a practice that will thrive.

There is no middle path anymore. Here are some suggestions to grow your sales and profits by at least 20%.

Marketing – how many legs has your practice got?

To fill my programmes, I undertake over 17 different types of marketing. These include:

  1. Sending two newsletters out each month
  2. Writing articles
  3. Speaking at conferences
  4. Asking for referrals
  5. Following up with clients after my courses

..And much more

How many marketing activities are you undertaking in your practice? A chair has four legs. If one breaks, the chair can potentially fall. That is the same for your business/practice you need to be undertaking at least six to eight different marketing strategies to ensure that you maintain patient numbers and grow them at the same time.

Marketing is full time to be done all the time, not just when you are quiet and the easiest way to grow new patients is asking for referrals. I could write a 10-page article on asking for referrals, but one thing for sure it is the easiest way of growing your new…

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