BA International launches range of slow-speed handpieces

BA International slow-speed handpiecesLast year BA International saw the launch of a brand new collection of slow-speed handpieces to expand the trusted Optima product range.

With their easy to clean construction, the handpieces allow for more thorough cleaning.

This results in more efficient levels of maintenance and hygiene.

The improved, modern and sleek design makes the handpieces easy to handle, while still offering secure grip.


BA International’s most recent addition to this product line is the BA25E.

It offers a new thermodisinfectable variant to the latch-type 1:1 contra-angles.

The push button bur release mechanisms on the 1:1 BA45E and 4:1 BA66E allow for easy bur insertion and removal with one touch of the button.

The range also includes a 4:1 screw-in type contra-angle for prophy cups (BA65E) and a general 1:1 straight handpiece; as well as air motors for both Borden and Midwest connections with options of internal or external spray.

Find out more information on the new Optima handpiece range at or call us on 01604 777700.

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