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Abhishek Agarwal, principal dentist at Greenwich Dental Health, discusses his experience using FTA Finance.

Working with FTA Finance

Abhishek Agarwal opened his squat practice with a partner in January 2019.

He decided to become a practice owner after working as an associate for 10 years.

Dr Agarwal’s accountant consequently recommended FTA Finance and spoke very highly of them.

His accountant recommended their services after she spoke about her experience with FTA also helping her other clients.

‘FTA is a game changer,’ Dr Agarwal said.

‘For anybody looking to open a squat practice, or even looking for finance to purchase an existing practice, their service is invaluable.

‘They also keep you updated.

‘They look after you and work for you rather than for the bank.

‘So I would definitely recommend their services.’

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