Turning your patient into a brand ambassador

Chris Barrow explains how to turn a patient who has reached the end of their treatment into a brand ambassador.

What can you say to an emotionally happy patient that would engage them as a brand ambassador?

The MRCREST list for example is a list to follow at the end of treatment.

Creating brand ambassadors

MRCREST stands for:

  • M – membership. Are you interested in becoming a member of our dental plan?
  • R – referral business card. Can we give you a referral business card to pass on to friends and family?
  • C – check-in. If you have a Facebook profile, could you check in at the practice?
  • R – review. Could you possibly write a Google or Facebook review about your visit today?
  • E – email address and consent. Do we have your email address and therefore can we add you to the distribution list on our monthly patient email newsletter?
  • S – selfie. Can we grab a selfie, perhaps with the nurse or clinician who did the treatment?
  • T – testimonial. Could we get a video testimonial where you consequently share your experience?

However, you would never ask one patient to do all of these things.

Consequently choose one or two of these you would ask at the end of treatment.

Reviews and testimonials therefore have the longest ‘shelf life’ and can be used time and again.

Engaging with the patient at the end of treatment and using the MRCREST list will also increase the opportunity to grow your business through internal low cost marketing.

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