The MSI – ‘one small step for man, one giant leap for snorers?’

Small step or giant leap? On the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Phil Chapman, creator of the Mandibular Snoring Inhibitor (MSI), shares his thoughts on how the new anti-snoring appliance, now available from DB Orthodontics, represents one small step forward for patients.

Just imagine, Neil steps out, ‘That’s one small step…’ the ladder snaps, and first contact is made with the moon, not with a foot, but a backside instead. History’s record would have been very different from what it is today.

No matter how a device is designed to work, be it a ladder or MSI, it is important that it consistently delivers what’s required, when required, without issue. Although we would never claim that the launch of the MSI was as momentous as the first contact with the moon surface, in connection with sleep disorder treatment, it certainly does represent a significant step forward.

What does the MSI provide for patients and clinicians?

The MSI offers a range of additional, innovative features:

  • Durability – designed to withstand severe bruxism: three bar hook support; robust construction
  • Predictable first-time fit – in most cases, even without a fully protruded bite, the 11mm of adjustment will compensate
  • Outstanding performance – considerable amount of additional adjustment available; built to last; all parts individually replaceable; two-year warranty
  • Hygiene – simple to clean: all parts are accessible; gold-plated, anti-plaque surfaces
  • Comfort – lateral/excursive movement provision; separable upper and lower whilst in the mouth; dry mouth compatible; low/slim profile; no cheek irritation from linkage arms; soft inner lining
  • Ease of use – the patient is able to adjust the MSI safely, to maximise performance and comfort
  • Uncomplicated design – less production time; predictable quality
  • Dedicated bite register – minimal returns and reworks.

Despite the many unique features that the MSI has to offer, durability, reliability and patient comfort is absolutely paramount. It’s the combination of this criteria and the innovative solutions applied; without the needs of the patient, dentist or the technician being compromised, that makes all the difference. Rather like taking the moon buggy out for a ride, rather than a walk.

Clinicians and dental technicians

The MSI appliance is available from DB Orthodontics, and the patented component parts are available from DB Lab Supplies.

Whether you are a clinician or technician, for more information on the benefits of becoming a provider of the MSI, call 01535 656 999, email [email protected], or [email protected].

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