Restorative dentistry – the class II total practice solution

Dr Lindsay Ford talks about how Dentsply Sirona’s Class II Solution has transformed her approach to restorative dentistry.

Restorative dentistry, and class II restorations in particular, is something my colleagues and I deal with on a daily basis. Working in a private, amalgam-free practice means we are totally reliant on using composite materials and are aware of the need to use the most appropriate products at every stage of the restorative process.

When I joined the practice, I was happy to work with the restorative materials already established there. However, I found a number of my class II patients were complaining of heightened sensitivity with long settling in periods. Their radiographs sometimes highlighted marginal contractions, lack of compression and small air gaps. These were not the results I wanted or expected, and was something I needed to quickly rectify. It was time to look for an alternative.

Finding the solution

Finding a solution for my issues with class II restorative dentistry was much easier than I ever thought possible thanks to Dentsply Sirona’s Class II Solution:

  • Palodent V3 sectional matrix – a simple matrix system that provides predictable and accurate contact points and a tight marginal seal
  • Prime&bond active adhesive – universal and reliable exhibiting excellent spreading capability and moisture control
  • SDR Flow+ dentine replacement – with outstanding flowability and self-levelling properties to avoid voids and air bubbles, a frequent cause of postoperative sensitivity
  • X Spectra ST universal composite – exceptional handling and aesthetics with a simplified shade matching system
  • Enhance Finishing System – capable of removing excess composite, contouring and polishing simply by adjusting the pressure applied, and delivering a beautifully aesthetic result.

These exceptional products work together to deliver excellent and predictable clinical outcomes in restorative dentistry. It’s clear from their simplicity, ease of use and high performance that they have been developed with clinicians in mind.

Impressive results

I was so impressed with the results I was achieving with the system I decided to persuade my colleagues of its huge benefits. Fortunately, once they tried the products for themselves and saw the results, they had no hesitation moving to the Dentsply Sirona Class II system – they found it incredibly straightforward and reliable, just as I did.

The beauty of the Class II Solution is its simplicity and predictability, something that fits easily into the daily practice routine. It’s also a cost-effective move as patients are no longer returning and taking up valuable clinical time and we are all now working with the same materials.

The Class II Solution has helped me feel confident and comfortable about my restorative dentistry and I’d happily recommend the system to other clinicians. I can totally rely on a suite of products, proven to work together with no issues of compatibility. This allows our restorative dentistry to be carried out more quickly, safely and ultimately more effectively.

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