Are you struggling to fill your vacancies?

If you’re struggling to fill vacancies in your practice, Practice Plan is encouraging you to speak out by filling in its survey.

The spectre of a recruitment and retention crisis has been hanging over dentistry for years.

The BDA has called it a ‘ticking time bomb’ and said that 75% of NHS practice owners in England are struggling to fill vacancies in their practices.

While there may be many reasons for these ‘challenges’, statistics from the BDA show that 59% of dentists in England are planning to scale down or leave NHS work entirely in the next five years.

And those with higher NHS commitments are most likely to plan on leaving the service.

To delve deeper into this subject, and the wider challenges facing the profession, NHS and private practices are being asked about any recruitment issues as part of the Dentistry Confidence Monitor survey.

Respondents are also being asked about mental health, the GDC, and their knowledge of and feelings about contract reform.

There are also questions about the ability to manage patient expectations and provide the level of care that you want to.

The results of the survey, which is run by Practice Plan, will provide insights and understanding into the real challenges facing dentists in 2019, and add to the weight of evidence that could instigate change.

Take the survey here.

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