Fear of dentists stopping Brits from getting oral care advice

fearFour in five Brits (79%) who fear the dentist are put off receiving dental advice, a new study shows.

The study conducted by the Centre for Dentistry shows that 34% of Brits fear the dentist’s chair.

Overall, 41% of Brits will seek advice on poor oral health, despite only 6% being happy with their smile.

‘Dental anxiety is a real issue for many people,’ dentist and managing director for the Centre for Dentistry, Cathal Hayes, said.

‘Luckily, dentistry has changed greatly in the past 10-15 years.

‘This means that dental anxiety is reducing, and dentists work hard to ensure a positive experience for patients.’

Trusting relationship

Half of adults in the UK have seen an NHS dentist in the 24 months leading up to December 2018.

NHS research also shows that 58.7% of children saw an NHS dentist in the last year.

However, around 15,000 children had tooth extractions last year, with nearly 13,000 of these due to tooth decay.

‘Building a trusted relationship with the dentist and having a positive experience can be even more important than the examination itself,’ Mr Hayes continued.

‘It means patients and children are much more likely to grow up with positive feelings about their oral health with trips to the dentist.’

‘Centre for Dentistry is helping to bring dentistry to patients in an accessible, convenient and easy to understand way.

‘This is why you can find us inside Sainsbury’s.

‘Firmly focused on preventative dentistry, we want to help keep people in good health for as long as possible.

‘Looking after your oral health is a key part of that.’

Dentistry accessible in Sainsbury’s

The Centre for Dentistry claims one in 10 UK adults meets the criteria for excellent oral health.

Around a third suffer from tooth decay, notably caused by excess sugar consumption.


In a bid to reduce fear and encourage check-ups, Mr Hayes is making his practices accessible in Sainsbury’s across the country.

He will be focusing on building relationships with patients and children as early as possible.

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