Growing your private offering

A-dec explains why focusing on patient experience is a must if you wish to expand your private offering

Being an NHS dentist has never been an easy job, and with increasing pressure on NHS budgets and pay cuts across the board, many dentists are looking to expand their private offering.

A recent survey by Practice Plan found that 86% of NHS dentists don’t see themselves in the NHS in five years’ time, which has increased by 16% on last year’s figures. Of those who intend to leave the NHS, 48% said they were planning to move to private dentistry, with the rest looking to retire or change profession entirely.

With more and more dentists moving to private practice each year, competition for private patients is only increasing. To become – and remain – prosperous in an increasingly competitive market, a focus on patient experience is a must.

Luxe life

Think about your expectations when you walk into a luxury hotel or restaurant; you pay a premium for a certain standard of product and service, and private dentistry is no different in this respect.

There may be a greater expectation from private patients regarding the overall experience from the moment they enter the practice. Some patients may be spending thousands of pounds on a course of treatment, and therefore the whole patient journey becomes incredibly important.

Does the environment you work in every day adequately reflect the professional service and high standards you offer?

Imagine you are a private patient walking into the practice for the first time. Do you see a welcoming reception area, a spacious and well-decorated waiting room, and a surgery that looks professional, stylish and inviting?

Aesthetics may not be the first priority amongst the numerous decisions to be made in creating a surgery, but first impressions can count for a lot. If a patient sees quality and feels comfort, will they naturally feel more cared for and reassured of the level of service they are going to receive.

Form and function

When choosing furniture for your waiting room, comfort as well as appearance and quality goes a long way to create a calming atmosphere for the patient and is an equally important consideration for your dental chair. Choose one that looks great and provides both patient and dentist comfort, especially during longer procedures, and your patients will thank you for it.

The number one comment that A-dec hears from dentists regarding the A-dec 500 chair is: ‘My patients constantly tell me how comfortable and relaxing the chair is to sit in’. This is exactly the kind of positive customer experience any private practice should be striving for.

The prospect of buying a new dental chair and redesigning your surgery can be daunting. A-dec has experts on hand to help you with every step of your project and work with both national and local dealers to help you make the most of your space and budget to deliver your vision.

For a free, no-obligation surgery design consultation, or to simply find out more information, call A-dec on
0800 233 285 or email [email protected]

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