Environments for implant training

Find out more about the implant training and the environment around it at Dentale.

Hands-on courses?

With a wide range of implant training courses now available across the country the number of options can be confusing. Hands-on training courses themselves come in many guises from pig’s heads to patients.

The emphasis on placing implants in patients has always been a priority for Dentale implant training. The course uses initial theoretical training and practice on pig’s heads and models to improve and practise skills.

Hire a mentor?

If you decide to go with the mentor approach outside of the training environment, how do you generate your patients? The advantage of a mentor is obvious if you have patients lined up and waiting for simple cases. However, it is hard to explain to patients in your own clinic that you want to practise on them, so perhaps the best approach is utilising a mentor once you have learnt and have some implant experience.

What sort of clinic?

The model offered at Dentale is that of a normal busy implant clinic, where the patients understand they are being treated by qualified dentists learning to place implants in a highly supervised environment. The nursing staff used to support the training of dentists are both proficient and highly skilled. By using this model a lot of the hassle is removed, meaning you can concentrate on your learning and patient care.

The future of implant dentistry?

With the growth in digital dentistry and guided implant surgery, it is important to find a course that is embracing the new technologies as they come on board, as well as teaching the basics. The future consists of full digital workflows and manipulation by computer models.

An enjoyable experience?

You are taking time out of your clinic and whilst the emphasis should be on education, it is important to enjoy your clinical time. Stress can be reduced within the clinic by a friendly, organised and knowledgeable team.

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