Celebrate 50 years of cavity protection with Colgate Duraphat

Colgate Duraphat turns 50 this year and we’d like you to help us celebrate this milestone at the BDIA Dental Showcase 2018 at Excel, London, on 4-6 October.

Colgate is a specialist in caries protection and is committed to offering a portfolio of high fluoride products for cavity prevention and control. With 50 years of clinically proven efficacy and convenient use, Duraphat is a specialist high fluoride solution for dental professionals and their patients. A heritage of proven efficacy in cavity prevention and control over the past five decades is what sets Duraphat apart.

Colgate Duraphat toothpaste

Colgate is committed to a cavity-free future by offering a prescription-only medicine for cavity prevention. Colgate Duraphat toothpaste is clinically proven to prevent early non-cavitated caries lesions and is available in two strengths of fluoride – 2,800 ppm F and 5,000 ppm F.

The concentration of fluoride in toothpaste has a linear correlation with anticaries efficacy (Tavss et al, 2003).

Who’s it for?

Duraphat toothpaste is clinically proven for the effective prevention of cavities in people aged 10+ (Duraphat 2,800 ppm F) and 16+ (Duraphat 5,000 ppm F). Convenient and suitable for everyday use in patient groups showing caries risk factors that can or have already led to white spot lesions in permanent dentition. Duraphat 5,000 ppm F toothpaste has been shown to significantly reduce root caries lesion progression, with up to three times more arrested caries lesions after eight months, versus a 1,450ppm F toothpaste (Ekstrand, Martignon and Holm-Pedersen, 2008).

Colgate Duraphat varnish

Duraphat varnish is licensed for caries prevention and provides significant and long-lasting cavity prevention, with 37% reduction in decayed, missing, filled teeth (Marinho et al, 2013). Duraphat varnish offers a fast, easy and targeted fluoride application for in-office use that meets prescribing dental practitioners responsibilities, as cited in:

  • ‘Avoidance of doubt’ letter – application of fluoride varnish by dental nurses
  • Delivering better oral health – an evidence-based toolkit for prevention
  • The use of fluoride varnish by dental nurses to control caries.

Suitable for ages three+

As part of the wider caries control agenda, current guidelines indicate a minimum of two applications of high fluoride varnish annually for children and adults giving concern for caries, using a licensed product.

Endorsed by Public Health England (PHE)

PHE recognises the value in fluoride varnish: ‘…one of the best options for increasing the availability of topical fluoride, regardless of the levels of fluoride in the water supply. [It] has a number of practical advantages. It’s well accepted and considered to be safe’ (Public Health England, 2017).

High caries risk patient groups

Effective against active caries, Duraphat varnish and toothpaste is effective prevention or control for key patient groups at greater risk of caries or in instances where cavities may be a secondary, symptomatic effect, including:

  • Patients with fixed orthodontic appliances
  • Patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • Poly-medicated patients with reduced saliva flow
  • Patients with exposed dentine/root surfaces
  • Children with erupting permanent molars
  • Patients with active root caries.

​Join us to celebrate 50 years of leadership in cavity prevention and control on the Colgate stand at the BDIA Dental Showcase.


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