Cloud computing made easy

Dentally is one of the UK’s leading cloud dental software, it has been designed in collaboration with dentists across the UK to create a hassle-free experience that allows dentists to work from anywhere, streamline their practice and free up valuable time.

As you might expect, Dentally is not your average company! Delivering some of the best dental software on the market, it is making a difference to people’s lives with cutting-edge, cloud-enabled tools. The business was created by co-founders Nick Davies and James Harker, who saw how slowly traditional hosted dental software was working and decided to come up with a solution that would help practitioners deliver great customer care without the stress of IT. Today, together with a forward-thinking team of 12, Dentally remains passionate about using cloud-based technology and is constantly innovating ways to make dentists lives easier on a day-to-day basis. The whole team at Dentally share a common vision for the future where all dentists have more time to treat patients.

Dentally is trusted by over 3,000 dental professionals both in the UK and abroad, who can work smarter, work remotely and work securely with this easy-to-use dental practice management software. Dentally is data management, a diary, a marketing tool and a secure back-up, that can help you and your practice run more efficiently.

How can Dentally help?

The experienced team at Dentally understand what practice life is like, they appreciate how hectic it can get when you have a million and one things on the list to do before you have even seen any patients! So just how can they help you…?

Dentally is a streamlined clinical refined workflow that’s easy to manage from anywhere, to make your practice ultra-efficient. It has been designed to save you time. Full clinical support encompasses everything from charting the baseline and planned treatment, performing periodontal exams with appealing visuals, customisable treatment plans, medical histories, custom note templates, clinical images, charging the patients to seamless integrations with NHS and other useful tools and services.

You can offer exceptional patient experience and service and stay connected to your patients with Dentally. Relationships are so important, which is why Dentally has been devised to help you keep in touch with your patients. Dentally can deal with all the admin requirements of patient management from customisable emails, letters and SMS messages to multiple appointment planning across the calendar. Plus; the iPad app allows you to check-in patients, consent to treatments and update medical histories in a seamless manner. Using Dentally to handle the admin means that your reception team can focus more time on the service and experience you wish to offer your patients.

Finally, do you want lightning fast, timely and intuitive reporting? Dentally can analyse all of your data to produce easy to digest, insightful and smarter reporting so that you can make informed decisions about every aspect of your practice from financials, patients, treatments and appointments.

To find out more about how Dentally can work for you and to arrange your free demo visit or email [email protected].

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