Bruxism Awareness Week 2018 – get involved!

S4S Dental Laboratory introduces its Bruxism Awareness Week and encourages you to get involved.

On average, the clenching and grinding of teeth, or bruxism as it is medically known, affects 80% of the UK population and can lead to a number of painful and debilitating side effects.

Sadly, most of the symptoms, such as migraines, ear ache, and a stiff neck/jaw do not overtly suggest that the clenching and grinding of teeth may be the cause – leaving bruxism one of the most overlooked and underdiagnosed conditions in the UK.

Bruxism Awareness Week was launched by S4S Dental Laboratory in 2010, with the explicit aim to enlighten sufferers as to the nature of their condition, and encourage them to contact their local dentist for simple, swift and straightforward treatment.

As in previous years, hundreds of dental practices nationwide will soon be receiving information and promotional packs to enable them to raise awareness in their practices.

Hopefully, in the process, we will be able to help hundreds of undiagnosed bruxism sufferers to seek and receive treatment.

This year Bruxism Awareness Week runs from the 22-28 October.

In preparation we offering bruxism information packs out to any practice that is keen to get involved.

Click here to request your free promotional pack.

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The seminar content is suitable for any GDP in practice and covers problems including bruxism, headaches, migraines and worn dentitions.

The seminar is worth six hours of verifiable ECPD and includes a practical demonstration on fitting the SCi device.

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